Peter Moore: Gamers should appreciate the impact the Xbox consoles, and Xbox live has had on the industry

The Guardian has been running a five part interview with Peter Moore, with all parts being published last week. Now Moore has left a final message to the readers at the Guardian gaming blog which talks about how brilliant Microsoft is.

"I guess you have to work there to truly appreciate what a unique and special company Bill and Steve have built, and I think gamers need to fully appreciate the positive impact that the Xbox consoles, and in particular Xbox Live, have had on our industry. I worked with a team of people so special and so near and dear to my heart, that not a day goes by where I don't miss them in some way." said Moore.

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fufotrufo4039d ago

Thank You Xbox Family and Xbox Live!!

Immaculate4039d ago

Xbox Live made gaming alot more for me. TXS Xbox team!

Fishy Fingers4039d ago

I don't understanding the "thanking" these companies get (Sony inc), they charged you for it.

They should appreciate us for buying it.

hay4039d ago

So I must be grateful for receiving what I paid for? Awesome.

DeadlyFire4039d ago

I will never thank Microsoft for making me pay for services that should be free and that are free on my PC.

TeeJay4039d ago

I don't think you have ever owned an Xbox console, let alone paid for Live.

potenquatro4039d ago (Edited 4039d ago )

Thnx for charging us? MS should apreciate us paying their mortgage.

No Way4039d ago (Edited 4039d ago )

I agree! Thanks xBox and xBox Family. Especially for Live.

But, I'd also like to thank Sony, Nintendo, and Sega! =)
They have all had some tribute to this great gaming industry!

Bloodwar4039d ago (Edited 4038d ago )

I don't trust links anymore, after once reading another person's comment on another story here on N4G, where he said, "This site is known to have viruses and bots." Since then I use the Google search tool before clicking links to sites I don't know. The Google search tool shows a red X beside the name of this site, I wouldn't recommend going to it and I hope that no ones' computers have been infected with anything. Be careful people.

UPDATE: Okay, I didn't initially notice the link at the bottom of this article on this page that shows the guardianuk... since google does trust that site, I went there instead and am able to read it. I will read it now and if I have anything to add, I will.

UPDATE 2.0: Okay, my response now. I will admit it was a good article. It wasn't fanboyish in any way. Peter, was being candid. He didn't say anything bad about the other consoles and I appreciate that. He was just offering his view on what Microsoft had offered the world with its Windows line of computers and the Xbox consoles. I agree with others here on N4G that I am hopeful as well that Microsoft had learned from their mistakes with the hardware failures and I am one of many thousands of pleasantly surprised individuals--(perhaps 100's of thousands if the hardware failure numbers are true) in that Microsoft took care of me from the start.

My 360 failed on me twice and on the second time, which was this year, they sent me a new console just 5 months before the 3rd anniversary of my inital 360 purchase and told me that the new console that I got for free also has its own 3 year warranty. I was planning to buy a new Elite for I do not have the 120 gig hard drive, but since they have replaced my console with a brand new one and offered another 3 year, all I have to do in this case is just buy the new hard drive. Thank you Microsoft. My trust in you never faltered and I know there are millions of others like myself who feel the same.

And I don't know from experience how the PS3 or the Xbox 360 online experience compares. The only people that should be judgemental are the ones who own both consoles and play them both online. I hope to one day own a PS3 and intend to get one when God of War 3 comes out, but until then, I will trust that PS3 has a good online gaming service, and I know from experience that Microsoft has a good one as well, even though I shell out a mere 50 bucks a year. Pocket change, people. Pocket change. Thats my 5 cents.

Blip Blip4038d ago

People aren't thanking them for the service they are paying for, in so much as they are thanking the Xbox team for taking gaming in the direction they have. If it wasn't for Xbox, online console gaming would still be a niche.

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nice_cuppa4039d ago

and that would suck harder than juuken on a dogs lipstick !

yay microsoft !

sunnygrg4039d ago

Sure it was a revolutionary move on Microsoft's part, and online is the way to go today, but is it reasonable to keep charging $50 when we have competition offering them for free (Nintendo, and Sony)?

Freezingduck4039d ago

PS2 games > anything on the Xbox360 (this 8+years old console is matching sales of the Xbox360 World Wide)

And it's 40USD for LIVE now which still sucks, pay 2 play? You cannot be serious...this isn't WoW

PSN = free, lag-free dedicated servers

Sergeant Osiris4039d ago

disrespecting a female gamer, If Juuken were my daughter or sister I would crack you right in the face for a comment like that.

marionz4039d ago (Edited 4039d ago )

if jukken was my daughter i would be ashamed of myself for letting her be born, shame her mother didnt have the decency to have an abortion

its kinda like viva pinata when the pig and the swan got it on, and when there freak baby was born they were both so ashamed of what they had doen and they hated the poor wee freak baby and tried to kill it

socomnick4039d ago

Lol osirus stfu this is the internet jukken aint gonna give you her moist croissant if your nice to her.

tehReaper4039d ago

Why do you guys single out Juuken all the time? She's not that bad. She sticks up for what she believes in, at least.

KBDuB4039d ago

So, ya don't like that you hafta pay for live? Cause you say you can get it elsewhere for free..

Okay, now go tell that to every WoW player. They are paying like $12 a month! That's around $150 a year! Whereas xBox Live is only $50 a Year..
There is plenty of MMOs that people can play online without paying for it, so why do they pay to play World of Warcraft? It's the same reason why people pay for live over the competition. It's better, or they prefer it, over the competition.

It's as simple as that..

juuken4039d ago (Edited 4039d ago )

...I love how bots start with me.

It's amazing.

I know you guys hate me, but frankly I could give a damn.

Don't worry about them guys. I'm one of the only people who stands up to their crap on a daily basis so I must have cracked a few nerves. They're also mad because I stand by the PS3 and defend it when they're piling on top of the system every single day.

Let them continue with their crap. They're regret those same words sooner or later. :)

TheDeadMetalhead4039d ago

They'll go back to f**king their Xbox 360s as soon as they get them back (they RRODed, you see).

And just looking at the title of Cuppa's comment, the PS2's still better than the 360.

*goes to play Mortal Kombat on Genesis so he can have a random exit*

nonAsianDroid4038d ago (Edited 4038d ago )

juuken it's ok screw those xbots>>> we can make love while watching a nice bluray film.

don't forget we have LBP we can dress up like those beannie babies and have nice droid sex

bluray is the F u T U R E :))))

JoySticksFTW4038d ago

Nevermind, it's just Peter Moore's nuts. You all are used to it.

Everyone attacking one lone female gamer... You bad-asses you

Don't make it personal. Spread the Hate :)

Viva la Console War!!

Pain4038d ago (Edited 4038d ago )

1 Pete please shut up and go make my PS3 games not be Sh!t cuz xbox 2 's limitations.

and @ 1 kids like you should play outside in traffic.

Juuken "Let them continue with their crap. They're regret those same words sooner or later. :)"

- Its called High school... Sh!ts like them with mouths like that always learn in HighSchool lol.

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Robearboy4039d ago

We salute you, real american heroes!!

Fishy Fingers4039d ago

Read the source, not that strategyinformer were shy on how much they ripped from it. I hate being spoon feed articles in bite size pieces.

Soz to rant.

SL1M DADDY4039d ago

Online services for consoles are the new way of gaming and I love it. I do however think that despite their doing us a favor in spearheading the online service, they hamper their future fame with an online price tag. Sony's online is getting better and better each month and more and more folks are using it and yet it remains free. If Live were free it would be and would forever remain king. I will say this as well, the Xbox 360 is great for games but the one thing they did that ruined their rep was the faulty hardware. I hope that MS has learned from their mistakes this time and that they will release a working console next gen. They did so many things right this time but the one cloud still lingering is the RROD cloud.

beans4039d ago

I agree with what your saying but what happens when Sony says there will be a charge for online? Now I'm not saying it will happen but it was mentioned twice in the past to not always expect it to be free. If Sony starts to charge do you think that people will buy it?

Blip Blip4038d ago

Sony will charge for online sometime in the future, count on it. When they get PSN squared away, user friendly, with a content level even half of what Live is now, they will charge. They are already trying to ease the idea of paying in with things like Qore.