Destiny Xur Location and Items for March 3-5, 2017 Listed

It's time for another Destiny Xur location and item post here on PlayStation LifeStyle.

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2106d ago
mastershredder2106d ago

If you are still playing this game since launch, you should be kicked in the boys hard.

SolidDuck2106d ago

Agreed. Its a good game tho. Xur only being available for 48 hours, and no matchmaking on raids our things that made me stop playing. Hopefully this is fixed for Destiny 2.

krypt19832106d ago

There will never be matchmaking for raids and rightfully so, and what is wrong with xur showing up in specific time slots ?

Seraphim2106d ago


while i agree with Raids I do think Xur should be there one more day. Though aside from 3 of coins which one may or not need he's really useless after a while anyway. The rolls tend to be garbage and it's likely players have anything he offers through Exotic chests, 3 of coins or Nightfalls. Perhaps heavy ammo packs but since glimmer is capped at 25k I was never short on wasting glimmer for those. And even with 3 of coins run Nightfall a few times and I seem to get 10-20 right there plus a Legendary Lol. Think as of a few weeks ago after going back to Destiny for about 6 weeks I had over 1 hundred 3 of coins on each of my 3 characters.

Hopefully in Destiny 2 they remove that cap and allow us to hold onto more currency, give us more storage capacity and several things that slip my mind. If Xur returns I would like to see him there one more day though.

rocketpanda2106d ago

If you are still making jibes at people playing a game they still they enjoy you're a prick.

Meanwhile long time Desitny players joined together to help another player reach the lighthouse before he passed away with cancer as he thought he would never reach there.