Unboxed and Taste the Limited Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild

Poli Games host Joseph, unboxes the Limited Edition Legend of Zelda Breath
of the Wild. Also see what all the fuss is about and give the game a taste
test. lastly we give an overview of how Amiibo work in breath of the Wild.

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GuruStarr782695d ago

Saw something about this on IGN. When I got my copy of BotW today, I tried it. It's really bitter!!


8 of the most useless amiibo figures ever released

A new list goes over eight of the the most useless amiibo, ranging from the Shadow Mewtwo card to the Qbby figure.

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The 7 Best Selling Switch Games of All Time

The Nintendo Switch has been an undeniable success for Nintendo, but which games make the best selling chart for the console?

GotGame818156d ago

Animal crossing came out the week the entire world shutdown. Yeah I bought it.

kevco33156d ago

Agreed. I think a lot of the AC: H sales have to do with early lockdown players!

I mean, I would've played it anyway. But I guess there's a lot of people who got into it because of the hype and their new found free time!

DivineHand125156d ago

Nintendo made out like bandits with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. It's the same game that was on the WiiU except they added 2 item boxes like in double dash.

kevco33156d ago

It's the Capcom method:

1. Add a new word to the end of the title and features that should've been expected first time around.
2. Charge full price for it.
3. Profit.

gold_drake155d ago

this is why i always say that Nintendo will always be fine. look at those numbers lol

and those are all first party games.


Joker, Banjo and Kazooie, and Terry amiibo restock happening

Joker, Banjo and Kazooie, and Terry amiibo restock for Super Smash Bros. on the way with pre-orders now open.

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