New Tatsunoko VS Capcom Gameplay!

New gameplay footage of Megaman, Karas, Doronjo, Gold Lightan, PTX-40A, and more in action!

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kitzuki4078d ago

I hope it gets ported to the 360 or ps3 hopefully ps3 cause i cant stand the 360 d pad >.<

Bnet3434078d ago

First of all, that made no sense. Second, use an arcade stick. Third, it's coming to Wii as of today, I am hoping for 360 or PS3 version for a good online mode.

TheColbertinator4078d ago


Same here.But I'm getting this for the Wii nontheless

UltimateIdiot9114078d ago

I hope for a PS3/360 version and hopefully a MVC3.

juuken4078d ago

I'm getting a Wii so I'll definitely pick this one up.

Samer3054078d ago

VERY sad this is only wii game. The gameplay is very close to marvel vs capcom and thats a plus easy to play and fun. If only they can grow a brain and release it for PS3/360.

J BO4078d ago

Do we have to buy Wii to play this or eventually it will be on ps3/360 because it looks damn good.