MotorStorm for March

Regular visitors to Sony's official website may have noticed that the company has pulled the highly-anticipated racer MotorStorm from its February release calendar (it has been advertised for 2/26 for weeks). Now listed for an ambiguous "spring" timeframe, the game's retail fate isn't exactly clear.

So IGN gave Sony a call...

"The team is doing some additional fine tuning and getting the online features squared away so they are taking a bit more time," said the Sony representative. "It'll come out in March, though we make the specific date public yet."

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nice_cuppa5224d ago

anotherone bites the dust

da du d d d d

released in

wow way to keep to your word.

kornbeaner5224d ago

but delays are just the way it goes somtimes.
what can you do about it?

FirstknighT5224d ago

Delays are common in the video game business, but this game was already released in Japan months ago!

Doesn't sit right with me that the company was okay to release a game in Japan that was not finished! Yeah I know about the online feature, but supposedly this game might look better and have other enhancements! If thats true Japan got the shaft! Just shows what kind of shady developers these people are!

calderra5224d ago

There wouldn't be a delay at all if they weren't remaking the game for the US launch.

They should've just gotten it right in the first time, and shipped the complete version to both territories instead of screwing the US with delays AND screwing Japan with the incomplete version.

What's next, a re-delay with more features for Europe?

ApocalypseShadow5223d ago

motorstorm and heavely sword at the same time in us and was so close to the euro release of the system,that they probally felt "why not?"makes for a better launch for them and a better game for us.they get resistance,motorstorm and heavenly sword at the same time with other games like ffr3,call of duty 3, rr7,etc.all they need now is enough systems for them.

Maldread5223d ago

but i don`t think Heavenly Sword will be released in march, probally later. But we`ll see ;)

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