Windows 7 to look like Vista writes: "Whether you love or loathe the functionality (or lack thereof) of Windows Vista, the Operating System's appearance is one of its positive aspects. Large, user-friendly icons, a simplified interface, and little aesthetic touches that make menial tasks more visually engaging result in a Vista visual logic that simply makes sense. Windows XP users can even convert the XP appearance to make their more reliable OS mimic the Vista look, and in this way can retain a positive part of Windows Vista without the host of potential negatives."

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Antan4077d ago

Lets hope the comparisons end there!

BlackCountryBob4077d ago

I have to say, I really don't see what everyone's problem with Vista is. I have used it for 6 months and it has been perfect with no crashing or data loss or anything. It is by far the best OS I have ever used.

Premonition4076d ago

vista is good but it's main problem is it's memory usage.

Proxy4076d ago (Edited 4076d ago )

I know right now all I have open is IE, and Vista is using about 1.2 gigs of memory. I can't even imagine trying to run Vista on 2 gigs or less - wait, actually I can imagine it, because my laptop runs Vista and it only has 1 gig.

Anyways, play Sins of a Solar Empire on my laptop, and this game takes up about 800 megs of ram when it's running. How does it work? Vista takes up 1.2 gigs, SOSE takes up .8 gigs. That's 2 gigs, but I only have 1 gig on my system?

Turns out, when I run SOSE, Vista has no problem using 200 megs of ram or less. There is some hard faulting when I alt-tab, but other than that, no problems. Vista uses the ram that's available to it, and I think it runs just fine with 1 gig ram.

512 is too little, but you can get by with 1 gig.

I have 4 on this machine, so I'm not worried. It would be fairly cheep to upgrade to 8 gigs if I wanted.

centrum2k4076d ago

the only reason i use vista is for dx10. vista is not as bad as people say, its just that xp is the best window's os thus far.

Proxy4076d ago

How is XP the best. Sure, it uses less RAM, but if that's what makes it better the trophy goes to Windows 95 or earlier. If XP wins because of stability, then we should give the trophy to Vista, because Vista is more stable.

If XP wins because it's the optimal OS for your system, then XP is the best for you, individually. Dosn't mean XP is the best for everyone.

tehReaper4076d ago

I have no problem with Vista either, except the annoying "A Program Needs Your Permission" window.

lsujester4076d ago

A little down deep configuring can take care of that.