4 new games have been added to backwards compatibility

With March, 4 new games have been added to backwards compatibility on the Xbox One. This brings the total to 341 titles in the library.

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592d ago
Hendog1981592d ago

more games equals more goodness

SirBradders592d ago

Horizon and zelda have competition it seems :-D

foxdie2k15592d ago

Competition jajajaja that has to be a joke

SirBradders591d ago

My og comment was meant to sarcastic, damn you Americans are dumb.

neomahi592d ago (Edited 592d ago )

What!?! You must be from Colorado, Washington, California, or Washington D.C. How do you figure? Yes, take that PlayStation! This will dismantle and derail both you and Nintendo. This is why humankind is falling and subsequently failing. #HERESTOTHERISINGGENERATION

XXanderXX592d ago

Take that PSnow .............................. ...ha ha

christocolus592d ago (Edited 592d ago )

Lol. It's always the same people trying so hard to downplay BC. Will be amazing to eventually have all xbox 360 titles and even original xbox games added to BC. That will be 2 whole generation of games available to all Xbox users.

yomfweeee592d ago

You're right, 2 generations of old games but nothing for current gen.

XXanderXX592d ago (Edited 592d ago )

@Yomfwee Am okay with , no going to become all whinnying about it .
I either buy the games or I don't or continue to play games I never finished. .

andrewsquall592d ago (Edited 592d ago )

@christocolus Sort of like the PS3 with ITS 2 previous generations of titles (over 90% from launch too) then but of course nobody cared about it back then, most CERTAINLY not 2 years after launch either.
Sony learned from their BC caring ways last gen and didn't include PS3 hardware inside the PS4 to stop it from being a higher price this time.
Again, nobody cared about it, its a game changer now of course (and still doesn't sell consoles).

@XXanderXX You ONLY do that when the game becomes available on your Xbone. You know you could just pop the game into the 360 I 100% guarantee you have sitting beside your Xbone.
So you actually admit you are sitting around playing older games but still have to wait around to play the specific game you want on your bluray drive Xbox when it gets added/may never get added to Xbone BC. That is even more pathetic really.

At least you told us what you are currently doing when you are waiting for new games on Xbone and will still be doing when Scorpio arrives.

XXanderXX592d ago (Edited 592d ago )

@sqwall I sold my 360 to cousin , have an Xbox one & S waiting patiently to add Scorpio to the Family.

I gladly wait for games cause know they will come , as for playing older games why not .
As for Blu-ray I never mentioned it so please stop adding it to booster you response .Seem petty and unnecessary due to it not being mentioned.

JasonKCK592d ago

BC news always brings out the jealous people who really want BC

XanderZane591d ago

XGP pretty much destroys PSNow. Between that and true B/C Sony really needs to make some serious changes to PSNow. I hope Microsoft add the OG XBox games to B/C as well. I still have tons of those games and I'm too lazy to pull out that beast of a system to play them one.

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jholden3249592d ago

[looks at new releases]


Let me know when the next wave hits

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The story is too old to be commented.