5 Xbox One Exclusives To Look Our For This Year

IM PLAYIN discuss 5 Xbox One exclusives to keep an eye out for this year.

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andrewsquall1782d ago

Keeping an eye out for something is always a good thing. You never know when it might sneak up on you and either disappoint or entertain.
Hopefully Xboners can get some of the latter from this years exclusives and not a majority of disappointments like 2016s lineup (forza and gears saving the day of course).

thexmanone1782d ago

Xboners really, what are you 12.

1781d ago
lelo2play1782d ago

Xbox One exclusives for 2017 are quite poor compared to other consoles. Microsoft needs to work much harder.

Bigpappy1782d ago

Nice that you got to play them before anyone else. Wish I were you.

Yohshida1782d ago

He is also the only person that knows the lineup, maybe he is god?

generic-user-name1782d ago

Well they are certainly failing to impress for the first half of 2017.

blitz06231782d ago

It goes without saying he means announced exclusives and the poor comment is in relation to the number of announced. Stop being tryhards and translating his words to mean something else because everyone who is aware knows that PS exclusives far outnumber Xbox's this year, going by what is officially announced

bluefox7551782d ago

Let's be honest, Xbox hasn't had a good non-racing "exclusive" for a long time.

Sparta071782d ago

Well not really exclusives are they?

Why so defensive? His comment is true....

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obidanshinobi1782d ago

More might be introduced at E3.
Forza 7 is very likely.
And let's not forget that Forza Horizon 3 and Dead Rising 4 were revealed at last years E3 and both were released before the end of the year.
And Crackdown 3, Sea Of Thieves and State of Decay 2 will be excellent, hopefully.

Juiceid1782d ago

I love my Xbox, but yes, these games are lackluster.

XanderZane1782d ago (Edited 1782d ago )

They forgot Cuphead, Crackdown 3, Sea of Thieves & Forza 7. Phil will be announcing 7 more games at the E3.

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1782d ago
obidanshinobi1782d ago

I'm most looking forward to Cities Skylines which is hopefully releasing this spring.

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The story is too old to be commented.