XBLA file size to increase?

Microsoft has refused to comment on rumours that Xbox Live Arcade games are now allowed to use up to 250MB, or even 450MB under some circumstances.

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kornbeaner5231d ago

my downloads more then 50mb, isn't that right 360 fans. I guess MS is following sony with bigger arcade downloads.

GASP what will you do?

nice_cuppa5231d ago

people who can get online can aford the hard drive.

plus i bet they release a bigger memory card.

mo money, mo money.

p.s. sony suck.

zonetrooper55231d ago

If this does turn out to be true than MS are gonna release a bigger memory card and they will release a bigger hard drive.

calderra5231d ago

Two titles have been alowed to break the limit (unless I'm missing something): Lumines and Castlevania.

And in both cases, it was because the developers had specially filed for it and basically said there was no way they could fit under the limit without cutting the game (although in Lumines' case... I won't even go there).

While there may continue to be some exemptions for a few games:
-Yes, Microsoft will allow a dev to break the limit if it's necessary to bring a great game.
-Most games will continue to be under 50MB (all the PopCap games, for instance).
-If you intend to download a lot of stuff from Live, you really do need a hard drive anyway. You can still get Uno and Mortal Kombat and (etc), but there's LOTS of stuff on Live you just can't get with just a mem card.

And in case it hasn't been said recently:
-Most people who have Core units aren't online in the first place, so for the most part, this doesn't apply to them anyway.

Funky Town_TX5231d ago

This goes to show that the core system was something that was created to keep a price point, there should have been only one system.

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The story is too old to be commented.