City of Heroes / City of Villains Update Interview with Matt Miller

From its humble beginnings in colonial times, Paragon City grew into a busy port and then a prosperous center of industry. However, it wasn't spared in the economic collapse of 1929, experiencing both social and political chaos. Criminal factions and other unsavory groups were quick to take advantage, using corruption, bribery, intimidation and violence to seize control. Then, in 1931, just when the situation seemed hopeless, Marcus Cole returned. The former soldier had somehow acquired extraordinary abilities. Donning a costume to conceal his identity, he dubbed himself The Statesman to represent the ideals he sought to restore, and employed his powers to fight for justice. His crusade inspired other gifted individuals like DarkWatcher, The Dream Doctor and Maiden Justice, who became the defining symbols of hope that righteousness and good would prevail. The age of the superhero was at hand.

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