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Don't bother playing Blood Alloy: Reborn, you'll save on migraine pills.

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inStereo2689d ago

Forget "Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild" or "Horizon: Zero Dawn..." BLOOD ALLOY!! GOTY!!


Blood Alloy Reborn PC Review - Morbid Play

Ambition can be a great tool to stoke the fires of creation, however it can be equally as damning and dangerous should it burn too brightly.
Suppressive Fire Games’ side scrolling hack n’ slash arcade shooter mash up, Blood Alloy: Reborn feels very much like one such tale. Once a failed kickstarter project in 2013 now stripped of all it’s original promise and reduced to what suffices as nothing more than a proof of concept.
It’s a real shame as the foundations for this tech demo are solid enough, but they’re a far cry from the developer’s original vision.

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Otakugamers UK Blood Alloy Reborn Review (PC)

Blood Alloy Reborn is an indie score attack game developed by Suppressive Fire Games and Published by Nkidu Games Inc released on PC, Xbox, WiiU and PSN on 2nd of March 2016. Score Attack games are nothing new, but over the last couple of years has had a resurgence thanks to excellent titles such as Super Hexagon and the like making the genre a little crowded and requiring something truly special to break into the market

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Blood Alloy Reborn Review – GameSpew

Looking at the price-tag for Blood Alloy Reborn immediately prompts me to recoil in horror and amazement; At £9.99 it just isn't worth the money.

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