Massive Multiplayer Console Games

With MMORPG a predominately PC past time, Jim Pwnage as a guest writer for XboxOZ360-Gamer gives his thoughts on merging MMORPG's and console gaming.

Jim Pwnage writes: "Lets face it massive multiplayer role playing games, or MMORPG's for those tech savvy among you, are sort of a big thing right about now. MMO's such as Blizzard's World of Warcraft are converting people into gamers faster than you can say "Illidan has bitch-tits." The genre is very quickly making gaming not only culturally acceptable, but a mainstream pass-time."

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Hunter864078d ago

Interesting read. May be interesting to see how the upcoming titles will handle the communication aspect. I just dont think consoles are suited to handle some things like rts's and mmorpgs.

GrathiusXR4078d ago

MMORPG's could work on the 360.. i mean everything is their just a matter of execution that's all

Simmo444078d ago

Agreed. If done right console MMORPG's could (and thats a major could)be fantastic.

Omegasyde4078d ago

It seems everyone forgot that there is a MMORPG on the 360 already called final Fantasy 11

LoL. The game wasn't that Bad.

darkmurder4078d ago

MMORPG's would be awesome on 360, get a chatpad - get a mic and go in a little pack (set mic to say 4 ppl only in a squad ala Bad Company) then have some fun! (Providing no excess subscription fee)

Rob Hornecker4078d ago

Screw the RPG stuff and lets get MAG out!

XboxOZ3604078d ago

well after spending almost a solid month on this games listing, the idea of a MMO on the console/s is not that far fetched. As there are several "projects" underway that will shape up to be solid MMO's on the console, once released. Some won't be around until early 2010, or even late 2009, but they are on the way, and be decent developers as well.

Not saying too much now until I've finished the listing, as that would spoil half the fun of having the listing, now wouldn't it.

Interesting read nevertheless, and we welcome guest contributors from time to time, so if anyone thinks they have a decent story to tell, then email us.

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