PlayStation 3 video DRM: two strikes and you're out

The Sony Video Store on the PlayStation Network is filled with a good selection of movies, and you can't beat the convenience of renting or even buying movies from your couch and watching them on your big screen with your PlayStation 3. Renting movies is a joy on the system, although it would be nice to have longer than 24 hours to watch the content, but what happens when you buy a movie? As one Ars reader found out, and Sony confirmed for us, you have to be careful about what happens to your system once it's filled with video content: you have one download, one redownload, and that's it.

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Cryos4075d ago

I understand their rationale, as I myself have taken it upon me to us my 5 downloads from PSN to put games on my PS3 and my bothers.

But this is another CLEAR example why DD has many more years to go before it becomes mainstream enough to replace Disks.

DongHungLong4075d ago

How many redownloads does the 360 get on its movie purchases?

Shadow Man4075d ago

you don't purchase movies on xbox live you only rent.

HD movies about 4.5gb

Talvish4075d ago (Edited 4075d ago )

While you cannot buy movies on the 360 you can buy TV shows. Those TV shows can be download any number of times on any number of 360s.

However, to be able to play it you must either:

a) be on the originating console that downloaded the content though you can be any user


b) be on any console but must be logged into Live.

As a note: If you rent a movie and delete it, you can keep downloading it during the rental period.

robep34075d ago

Why we will always have discs I will never download a movie if it has a restriction like this SONY and ALL the others take note!!!!!!!!
Also many many others feel the same.


Capt CHAOS4074d ago

Looks like they got it right on the 360.

Immaculate4074d ago

Anything you purchase on Live can be deleted and downloaded as many times as you like. I wonder why Sony is taking back the digital rights of things that are supposed to be owned by the person who bought it?

Real Gambler4074d ago

Either you could buy only Sony's movies, or you have to deal with DRM for the multiple studios.

What did people expect??? Download a movie and give it to all their friends? This is not torrents guys.

And yes, this is the proof that Bluray is here to stay for quite a while, and I love it because I can watch awesome HD movies, and if I get tired of them, I can sell them back, which is something you cannot do with a download.

It's the same for games. Best example is Warhawk. Awesome game available in both format. I bought the disk because if I ever get tired of it, I can sell it back. If I go to a friends place, I can bring the disk with me. People bought the download because they don't want to have to swap disk and the game is always ready to start. It's up to us. Simply make the decision before you buy.

4074d ago
robep34074d ago

WRONG Microsoft would be one of the others!!!!!! Will never download a movie with restrictions will always buy on disc!


JoySticksFTW4074d ago

Just disks for me, thanks.

If I can't lend a friend a movie, or borrow a movie from a friend for the weekend, then no thanks.

The disk is mine to give, sell, loan, borrow, watch as I please.

Xelai4073d ago

Well they were the ones selling commercial CDs with a Rootkit inside, so it shows how dettached they are with the consumer about DRM.

Same issue happens with some games in PSN Store, cannot understand why the 5 download limit is not global.

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TheColbertinator4075d ago

Whoa.I was not expecting this

'_'4075d ago

{sony look out for everyone}

trancefreak4074d ago

This is bull until i get a bigger hdd i wont purchase movies via DD.

Btw when your machine breaks or an hdd goes bad sony better show forgiveness on this matter.

Also it takes voicing our opinion with sony to make them change policy.

perseus4075d ago

...I guess that means they're never getting my money.

gokuss1220024074d ago

...with the download, if you lose the movie (stolen, deleted,etc) you get 1 re-download: replacing the lost movie.

With a physical disc, if you lose the movie (lose, stolen, broken etc) what do you get: ..., ... huh ... exactly.

On the bright side, all movies are half off

Blip Blip4074d ago

You analogy is completely flawed. One of the perks to owning something digitally is that you don't physically lose it (like you can a disc).

Live is a monitered closed platform, PSN isn't. So like every other part of the blu-ray format, the digital distribution on the ps3 is anti-consumer.

gokuss1220024074d ago (Edited 4074d ago )

"Lose: to come to be without (something in one's possession or care), through accident, theft, etc., so that there is little or no prospect of recovery"
So if you download something, and your HDD is wiped clean, or if someone steals it ("it" being the PS3); then you have lost it.

But apparently you've already lost it. So tell me, what are the "perks to owning" you. (Bubbles?)

P.S. What was the point of bringing up live. X-BotLoser
(See what I did there XBL; x bot loser. then loser...debate was about losing... more bubbles for me.)

wollie4075d ago

this is why we have a long way to go before DD totally takes over physical copies of movies.

DiabloRising4075d ago

I was JUST going to say that. Studios are too terrified of people sharing/pirating as it is. Until there is some sort of unbreakable encryption (which will NEVER happen), don't expect DD to catch on at this rate any time soon.

El_Colombiano4075d ago (Edited 4075d ago )

Blu-Ray > Downloads...

Cryos4075d ago (Edited 4075d ago )

I completely agree. It's a wonder more people don't realize this while they're shouting "DD is the near future, Blu-ray is Dead in less than 5 years!"

As long as companies don't come up with better alternatives to DRM, people WILL want hard copies.

P.S. Have a bubble to you both

El_Colombiano4075d ago (Edited 4075d ago )

Ooops my bad Cryos, I meant to be sarcastic...I forgot to put /sarcasm at the end. I was mocking download fanboys...

EDIT: now that I look at it, that makes no sense...I need to go to bed...

Cryos4075d ago (Edited 4075d ago )

ah, ok

I knew it sounded to simple minded! you can have one too, now!

(feel like I'm giving out cookies, yay!!)

Capt CHAOS4074d ago

Sony need to follow suite..

Immaculate4074d ago

I see people saying that this is a problem with DD, no this is a problem with Sony. Live doesn't do this.

Real Gambler4074d ago

With Sony, you can rent OR buy the movie (download or Bluray). With the 360, you can only rent the movie.

So a 360 user can ONLY rent a HD movie, while most PS3 users can either rent it, or buy the Bluray and watch it as many times as they want. And sure enough, if somebody is to lazy to use an online store to order the bluray, or simply walk to the nearest store, they can buy a download of the movie instead of a bluray disk. Since when having 3 choices is worst than having only one???

trancefreak4074d ago

If we all complain and voice are opinion maybe sony will recognize the fact that as long as your purchase is tied to your psn account we should be able to re download are purchased content as many times as we choose period.

I never have this problem with steam and games.

I guess its time to get that 500gb hdd anyways.

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