Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 - Uefa Champions League Gameplay

Some footage of AS Roma vs Real Madrid, from the Uefa Champions League mode in Pro Evolution Soccer 2009.

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RobertieNL4073d ago

that with every motion the camera moves!:O Makes me feeell sick:P

centrum2k4072d ago

cant wait for this!! but i still enjoy playing pes08.

mac4u104072d ago

if you want the best update for PES2008 on ps3 send me an email on [email protected] in repley il send the update with guide peps cheers.

batichon frandy4072d ago

not bad doe
fifa still the best

PopEmUp4072d ago

u can still enjoy all that graphic u want but football is about gameplay and fifa has not yet satisfy me at all

mariusmal4072d ago

can't wait for this baby.

J BO4072d ago

The best thing is the sound of ball when the player pass it unlike fifa.

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