UK gets a third Fallout 3 SKU

As if standard and collector's editions weren't enough, UK gamers will also be able to get their hands on a limited edition of the post-apocalyptic RPG Fallout 3 when it goes on sale next month.

The new edition, which is exclusive to GAME, contains a copy of the game and a figurine packaged in a cardboard outer sleeve.

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Fade_Walker4078d ago

Why can't the US get that one too :(

MK_Red4078d ago

Doesn't US have the Survivor's Edition in addition to CE?

Immortal Kaim4078d ago

Doesn't amazon have some exclusive CE?

lordkemo4077d ago

Yes, Amazon does, however, it's $130.00 compared to the 65 dollars of the UK CE. The difference i guess is that in the Amazon version, you get the bobblehead and the pipboy clock.

raptor3024077d ago

already pre-ordered mine ^^