Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands Breaks a Ubisoft Record

Ghost Recon Wildlands Beta's stats went through the roof.

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2659d ago
Psychotica2659d ago

Website produced a malware warning..watch out.

Lon3wolf2659d ago

It's N4G's redirect that is throwing that not the website.

MadeForGaming2659d ago

Hello, just as Lon3wolf said, N4G redirect are the cause for that, you'd find it on any article @ N4G. Site is safe to surf.

dannybohy2659d ago

Breaking News, Wildlands is the Division outdoors and I predict just as many bugged on release as the beta had

Lon3wolf2659d ago

I didn't encounter any bugs and it's more Far Cry than Division.

dannybohy2659d ago

mix of both?!. I encounter a lot on XB1

dmeador2659d ago

I liked it way more than the Division, but there were some game breaking bugs that seemed too common. A few times the helicopter controls would just get stuck, and take you in whatever direction you were last pointing. Also had 1 crash

Nu2657d ago

I've seen bugs on my Xbox feed from other players

rdgneoz32659d ago

From closed beta, to open beta, they fixed several things. Most likely they'll fix a few more by the time the game comes out. All of the bugs? No, but The Division did pretty well on fixing bugs/glitches as they popped up, though they spent a ton of the time trying to adjust stuff for PvP (which would piss people off for PvE, because they wouldn't have abilities do certain things or last so long in PvP vs PvE) which Wildlands won't really have to deal with till later on.

As for comparing the 2, Wildlands will have: a lot more missions (100 base, 1 from preorder, and 3 soon from beta participation) at launch than division, all of which are replayable including ~21 boss fights (21 provinces, each with a boss); vehicles (planes, helis, cars, and dirt bikes); and not needing to refarm bosses for that item you like that took days or weeks to get when a new patch hits increasing item level (Wildlands doesn't have item levels).

Elwenil2659d ago

Yeah, the survey that they sent out after the beta tells me they were pretty serious about the beta being used to test and tune the game before release. I imagine there will be a sizable day one patch to tweak things as well as a few coming in the weeks after release. It's not going to break any sales records, but I think Wildlands will be a pretty solid game and a ton of fun for those looking for co-op mayhem.

Mikey942659d ago

So stupid. These games aren't even close to being similar. Anyone that says this clearly has not played one or the other.

Name 1 thing between the 2 that makes them alike except for the fact their both 3rd person.

Wildlands is a tactical shooter with a huge open world where you can fly planes helicopters drive bikes cars boats etc... Theres stealth, real team tactics, one bullet to kill and so much more.

Division is a fake RPG with a poor open world where you run from location A to B, theres no stealth nothing at all no way to plan your attacks, game requires very little teamwork only teamwork is all 4 guys spraying their mag into 1 NPC to kill him.

Also one is a looter and the other is a shooter

So please explain how they are even close to being similar

Goldby2659d ago

1 bullet to kill enemies yes, 1 bullet to kill you, no.

Thast my main issue, make us as vulnerable as the enemy we are facing. take out the shitty ai that doesnt detect enemies or companions 2 feet away. make guillie suits actually work and fix the horrible driving mechanics

Elwenil2659d ago


I take it that it never occurred to you to turn up the difficulty?

Psychotica2659d ago

I don't recall playing with 3 ai teammates or flying helicopters in the division

Lon3wolf2657d ago

Or any vehicle for that matter.

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Deathdeliverer586d ago

This should hold everyone off until the next big release. I love me some reward points! [sarcasm]

JBplusVB586d ago

Gamepass has changed everything. Phil, from the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for Gamepass. I just bought 50 years worth of subscription and I'm so happy.

CBaoth586d ago

Riiight! Thanks to GP I've discovered hundreds of indie fillers I would've never known about otherwise. Best part: team Xbox has discovered how great walking sims and interactive movies really are! And EA Play? Love me some 4 year old sports games!! Why sub up though? Just let MS auto renew that incredible $14.99 a month value. It's so easy!!

JBplusVB586d ago

Gamepass is just so amazing. Adding EA play to it brought the service to a whole nother level. Phil Spencer has the brightest mind in gaming. By far.....


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