20GB PS3 missing from UK launch

ThreeSpeech has suggested that the 20GB model of the PS3 won't be available for the UK when the PS3 is launched in Europe this March.

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marionz5224d ago

so not only do we have a higher price but no option of a cheaper model! way to screw the little people sony!

BrotherSic5224d ago

This was annouced when the prices were annouced months ago.

I still feel this to be unfair as the core pack is great for me as i wont use wireless (prefer to use my internet connection to the fullest) and you can pick up a bigger harddrive anytime for hardly anything

Marty83705224d ago

The 20Gb will come to Europe at a later date,same goes for more colours.If I require more storage for downloads,games etc,I got an external 320Gb hard drive.Internal hard drives are still pricey.

kornbeaner5224d ago

but as of right now i dont think the PS3 reads bigger extrenal HDD. I haven't tired it with mine but am not sure it does.

nice_cuppa5224d ago

did sony just click that by having there own hd drive in the system they make mo money.

why do you think 360 has a specific drive.

oh and i cant wait for peoples pc world special hd to go wrong and cost ps3 people their game saves, content, vids.

even if its stored on a server you would still need to re-download it all.

and i can see some mighty cheats coming.

look at the gamerscore cheats on 360...

its gonna be fun.

EaziG5224d ago (Edited 5224d ago )

Brits will always go for the best.
I don't know anyone who has said they will be getting the 20GB model, everyone i know wants the 60GB and nothing less.
a few of them will even be holding out for a 1080p HD Bravia screen too. although i think i'll just stick to a normal Bravia.

i'll be getting the 60GB model because it'll have the inbuilt WIFI.

marionz5221d ago

why do so many of em have such bad teeth!

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