Wahlberg still hasn't played Max Payne

According to Gamertell, "Actor and former musician Mark 'Stop Calling Me Marky Mark' Wahlberg, the actor who stars in the game-based flick Max Payne, has once again confirmed that he has never played a Max Payne game. The latest confession comes from the October 2008 issue of Maxim magazine (pp. 86-87)."

In the article, Wahlberg says he doesn't want to add video games to his list of "vices" otherwise he might anger his "girl."

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DavidMacDougall5640d ago

You know there is girls in that mag to? Right?

Breakfast5640d ago

I didnt know there was anything either then girls, in that magazine.

JsonHenry5639d ago

Does it really matter if he played? From the trailers I have watched this does not look like it had even a slight chance of being a decent movie.

Pebz5639d ago

There's a tint of irony in trying to point out someone's "unnatural" attitude towards pictures of girls, while at the same time sounding completely obsessed with said pictures, don't you think?

As for the story, "I didn’t want to play because I have an addictive personality" is such a silly excuse for someone who gets paid lots and lots of money to portray a certain character. Next thing he'll stop reading the script in fear of getting addicted to reading.

schmeidenkamp5639d ago

he's not that into the role. he'll say whatever he's gotta say to keep the bigwigs happy, but if he wont even try the dam game....

i really have high hopes for this movie, the games were great, but in the end, lets get real here, its a movie based on a game. i think the one that came the closest was silent hill, and it wasn't even that good.

xhi45639d ago

he made Entourage, enough said =D

CNIVEK5639d ago

...PLAYING the part? He wouldn't learn ANYTHING about the character, by spending hours upon hours with a controller...which he's never TOUCHED...just to see his source material "in action". What do people want? Do they expect him to learn how to mimic sh1tty animations and bad voice acting? The most relevant parts of the games, would be the cutscenes...which the director SHOULD have had some LACKY play through the fvcking game, and RECORD for Wahlberg to watch.

Get a fvcking clue, morons. :o

xhi45639d ago

his assistant loves Max Payne and playing games so he watched him play through the game, but didn't actually play himself because he says he has a addictive tendency.

so he's watched his assistant play Max Payne, but hasn't actually played it himself.

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walken749d ago (Edited 49d ago )

Why made gud indeeeed.

EvertonFC49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

These lot don't even check the grammar 🤣😂 can't even get a article headline correct.

isarai49d ago

Still weird to me that out of all the games with bullet time and slow motion, Max Payne 1 and 2 are the ONLY ones that render each individual bullet, which IMO really elevates the bullet time effect 👌

Iceball200049d ago

Holy cow, couldn’t watch more then a minute with buddy having the mouse sensitivity set to 100 lol

Chilliersplash49d ago

Why made who what unabashed Mick Dwayne !!!!!!!!!

cammers199549d ago (Edited 49d ago )

"Why made max payne"


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Agent7554d ago

Will never forget these games on the PS2 and Xbox. Max Payne 3 was awesome, more so the arcade mode.

Abnor_Mal53d ago

Can’t wait to replay these games with updated graphics.

Would also like a remastered Max Payne3.

Knightofelemia53d ago

Hope it's done better then the GTA trilogy.

EazyC53d ago

Indeed - and if it is another shameless cash grab, they shouldn't bother. It's an insult to these classic games.

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