LaptogMag: Slacker Portable G2 Review

LaptopMag Writes:

"Inevitably, comparisons will be drawn between the Slacker Portable G2 and the current king of the digital music player space, Apple's iPod, but one must carefully consider what the Slacker is designed to do before passing judgement. It is, exclusively, a music player-you can't add photos, videos, or apps to the device. And while paying $199 for a 4GB music-only player (or $249 for 8GB) may seem the utmost in money mismanagement, the G2's tight integration with the Slacker service effectively means you may never have to make another music purchase again."

"Not being able to skip tracks whenever you please or picking a specific song to play at any time may be unsettling to some, but the Premium Radio option eliminates these limitations along with ads. Although BlackBerry owners may want to wait for the Slacker application to roll out in October, those looking for a standalone audio player will find that the Slacker Portable G2 aids in music discovery while remedying many of the flaws found in the groundbreaking original device."

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