The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Is The Best Controller I've Ever Used

The Pro Controller might just be the best controller this writer has ever used in both comfort and functionality.

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FallenAngel1984600d ago

I'm very impressed by the battery life in this controller, especially compared to the DualShock 4's battery life

600d ago
skydragoonityx600d ago

the xone controller is the best I've used, the switch pro controller looks exactly like the xone's

599d ago
rjason12599d ago

The Wii U pro controller reportably had an 80 hour battery life (which doubles the Switch pro controller)

SR388599d ago

PlayStations controllers are awful, I do love Xbox cons, my fave of all time is the GameCube, we have to see in a bit how these new one handle 😋

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wonderfulmonkeyman600d ago

I'm sticking to the dog head controller personally. Don't want to spend more money on the Pro if the in-box method works just fine.

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christocolus600d ago

It is very similar to the Xbox one controller which imo has perfect button and thumb stick placements so I'm quite happy with this.

SpaceRanger599d ago

The unsymmetric layout just isn't comfortable imo. It's an unnatural hand position, scientifically speaking. They should have stuck to the Wii U Pro controller button setup for a better layout.

But regardless of that, I've only heard good things about the pro controller. The HD rumble alone brings in a whole new category of features for controllers overall.

599d ago
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