EA's Star Wars Action Game Will Be "Great for Exploring the Star Wars Universe"

Electronic Arts Executive Blake Jorgensen gives more hints on the upcoming games in the pipeline.

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freshslicepizza598d ago

it's been too long since we had a decent star wars game

Donnie81597d ago

Yeah I want a good star wars rpg that I can throw 100s of hours into. I'm interested in seeing what ea has in the pipeline. Surely they have bioware making a game. Hoping viscerals game gets a trailer or something at e3 this year. We need a steady diet of star wars games

_-EDMIX-_597d ago

yes BioWare has already been confirmed to being one of the teams that's currently working on a Star Wars game

joab777597d ago

This is why I am not mad that Amy Hennig left Naughty Dog! Gonna be masterful!