Surely Cloud Strife Has To Be In Dissidia?

In this article, Final Fantasy Union discusses why Cloud Strife has to be the Final Fantasy VII hero in Dissidia and why Square Enix have delayed his inclusion in the game.

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mohib-uddin79865324072d ago

Cloud sucks

All he says is "..." yeh he says nothing just dot dot dot. He just keeps quite all the time becuase he cant say nothing

Cloud sucks. Sephiroth is much better

theKiller4072d ago

what u want him to be like gears of war lucos?? talking crap and non sense all the time??

mohib-uddin79865324072d ago

Also seifer is much better than Squall

theres a reason i have Sephiroth Avtars and Seifer avtars and i dont have cloud or squall avtars

its becuase they are much better

Seifer: Listen Up...teamwork means staying out of my way
Sephiroth: Show me your strength...Thats enough...Give in to the darknesss !

Cheeseknight284072d ago

Honestly I did like Zack better than Cloud. Crisis Core had a much more personal story than FFVII (Though a remake would probably change that), and I would be pleased if he was in Dissidia.

However, it will be Cloud. Square-Enix isn't stupid.

Dissidia4072d ago (Edited 4072d ago )

Sephiroth>Cloud>Seifer&g t;Squall

BigMassacre4072d ago

Why the hell are you guys whining about Sephiroth and Cloud anyway? They're BOTH in the damn game. Damn.

Kefka owns them all anyway.

OmarJA4072d ago


man i miss that game

4072d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.