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VVV: "It's a shame FAST Racing Neo isn’t available to a wider audience because PS4 and Xbox One owners are missing out on one of the most intense futuristic racers released in years. Its old-school structure and punishing difficulty won’t appeal to everyone, and it lacks the production values and iconic status of rival games that inspired it, but FAST Racing Neo is a challenging, adrenaline-filled futuristic racing game that successfully fills the void of WipEout and F-Zero with enough unique mechanics to set it apart, all for a temptingly cheap asking price. Clearly, Nintendo needs to hand over the F-Zero license to Shin’en."

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conanlifts2645d ago

Seems a bit weird reviewing the wii u version of this 2 days before the latest switch version is released. Nevertheless it sounds like a good game and it was a good review.


Nintendo and Google get roped into Microsoft's FTC defense

Microsoft has now called on Nintendo and Google to aid in its fight with the FTC over its merger with Activision Blizzard.

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Jin_Sakai473d ago (Edited 473d ago )

I’m really starting to despise Microsoft and Xbox at this point. Might just sell the Series X and buy a Switch to compliment our PS5’s. Metroid, Zelda: TotK, and Pikmin 4 are just months away at this point.

Neonridr473d ago

PS5 + Switch is honestly the best combo.

Jin_Sakai473d ago

Agreed. Both have amazing first party games!

Orchard473d ago

SteamDeck + Switch.

Xbox and PS games are playable on SD.

badz149472d ago


why would you want to play the worst versions of PS5 and Xbox SX games? the only thing the SD runs better than the original is Switch games

Orchard472d ago

@badz SD plays most games well. But if it's not up to your standards, just get a PC. PC/SteamDeck + Switch.

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S2Killinit472d ago

PS5 and Switch is definitely the way to go.

Jin_Sakai472d ago

“The Nintendo switch is a kids play thing compared to steam deck. It pummels the switch into the ground.”

Not thanks. I enjoy Nintendo games and love the OLED display.

FinalFantasyFanatic472d ago (Edited 472d ago )

Your still missing out on alot of PS games doing that, Personally I'd go PS + Switch, but I also have a PC, so for me it's PS + Switch + PC and that gets me almost every game.

One day I'll get a Steam Deck to compliment my PC library of games, maybe when Steam Deck 2 comes out.

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BehindTheRows472d ago

PS5 + Switch + PC. But, close enough :P

The Wood472d ago (Edited 472d ago )

orchard...are you bored in life. Do you love pantomime or wanna be the lead attorney for Microsoft if all you do is cap for the brand doing the least. No disrespect intended but have a child , wife or play golf or something because you presence is weird. Dont strike me mods..... dude cant stop

thorstein472d ago

Well said. And whatever Xbox "exclusive" that I want, I just get for my PC.

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XiNatsuDragnel473d ago

Honestly getting a switch and ps5 is a better combo imo.

Lifexline473d ago (Edited 473d ago )

Lmao who gets that mad at a company wow get some therapy step away from the internet this is affecting you way more then you realize. You guys can be comedy in this website thanks for that laugh

Obscure_Observer472d ago

"Lmao who gets that mad at a company wow get some therapy step away from the internet this is affecting you way more then you realize. You guys can be comedy in this website thanks for that laugh"

I´m still laughing! XD

343_Guilty_Spark473d ago

You despise it because of a court battle?

S2Killinit472d ago (Edited 472d ago )

Personally I share his sentiments, for what MS is doing to the industry.

Fu£k MS, seriously.

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Jin_Sakai472d ago (Edited 472d ago )

“You despise it because of a court battle?“

The fact they’re trying to gobble up the worlds largest 3rd party publisher add over 2 years waiting for system sellers.

MontyeKristo472d ago

S2K - What EXACTLY is MS doing to the industry that you despise so much? Please share your thoughts..

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Orchard473d ago

You despise them because of a court case? Feels like an overreaction.

Flawlessmic472d ago

You despise Sony because of what? Great consoles and great game consistenly?

Seems ridiculous hating on the gaming company giving us the most.

Your sd+switch comment is a joke but hey, expect nothing less from you.

notachance472d ago

Honestly it’s kind of amazing how Phil managed to make people like orchard keep defending the console after 2 generations of mediocrity.

thesoftware730473d ago

Lol, I get it..but at this point, what are MS to do? Just sit back and let it be blocked?

Also, remember when other companies agreed with Sony, you didn't seem this perturbed.

porkChop473d ago

What? You're overreacting. This is how literally any court case works. Calling on competitors, witnesses, etc., is standard practice. It's called building a defense. The FTC have been doing the exact same in building their case by calling on Sony for example. You don't build a strong case by making unsubstantiated claims, you need witnesses or documents to back them up.

giovonni472d ago

I mean, it’s logic when it comes to any other company, but it’s an issue when MS does it (builds its case.) It’s way too many emotional comments with no real facts to back it up. Just cause a company says something doesn’t make it factual as specially in the court of law. After reviewing the evidence so far the FTC needs a stronger case.

PapaBop473d ago

If only they put this much effort into actually making their own games.

BehindTheRows472d ago

Exactly. Xbox cheerleaders can drive around this road block all they want, but nothing matters more than this! When they start releasing their OWN games, we can start to credit Microsoft with a contribution to accelerating our medium. Until then, they're simply making useless noise.

CobraKai472d ago

I got all 3 but most of my play time is between PlayStation and Switch…. Yeah MS needs all the help it can get.

JL2930472d ago

Who told you Metroid is months away?