Boxing for the 360

When it comes to boxing on the Xbox 360, the pickings are slim. The Goozex Report provides recommendations on which boxing games to trade for and the values and review scores for each of the boxing titles. This is a must-read for gamers looking to play a lot of video games without spending a lot of money.

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Raoh4457d ago

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no mention of ps3 as if fight night is an exclusive..............

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-Maverick-4457d ago

and desperate.

No one talks about the last place inferior console....just like all websites show the Xbox 360 box on all multiplatform games...just like 99.9% of multiplatform games run better on the Xbox 360 than the last-placetation 3.


outlawlife4457d ago

this article is about boxing games available on the 360 and a comparison of those for 360 owners

it isn't about ps3 or even remotely related to it
your post = "FAIL"

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