LittleBigPlanet: This Is How You Roast Chicken (Gameplay Videos)

GameXtract writes "In a follow up to our post about LittleBigPlanet at Manchester UK, we now have some more gameplay footage courtesy of manchesterman26. The first video shows off four play customization while the second video shows off another one of Media Molecule's pre-set levels that will come packaged with the disk. The first video is great as the gamers playing the title are trying it out for their first time giving you an impression of just how difficult it will be. They first try to make a flying diamond, but fail miserably. After that their shown how to roast chicken. If only Sackboy could eat it…mhmm. Videos after the jump!"

Get both videos after the jump!

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Slinger4204075d ago

Not for nothing, but how the hell am I supposed to stop playng games like COD4, MGS4, GTA4, Bioshock for this ?? Hope the single player is fun otherwise I will never waste my time "creating" levels for 40-50 minutes just to play some rinky dink gameplay for ten minutes

wollie4075d ago

is not for you... thankfully its right up my ally!

Marceles4075d ago

lol...yeah, it doesn't get more obvious than saying "this game isn't for you"

juuken4075d ago (Edited 4075d ago )

Then...don't buy the game?
I mean...seriously. :/

Ah, the smell of disagrees and no comments to prove me wrong.

Shadow Flare4075d ago

people who don't get this offence but you guys are some seriously uncreative simpletons. Go back to your FPS's

rexor07174074d ago

Im thinking of the perfect co-op level right now. No details for you.

otherZinc4074d ago

LBP is shaping up to be a real Piece Of Sh!*. This game is so overrated, what a POS!

I'd never waste good money on something like this, this is a real yawner.

juuken4074d ago

OtherZinc, if you hate the game so much then why are you here? To let us know you hate it? Good for you, you hate it. Other people like it and want to see it succeed.

Seriously. :/

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PMantix4075d ago

Nice, I hadn't seen the rewind ability until this video.. should be a nice fix for when you accidentally delete the object you've been working on for 3 days.. heh.

godcrusher4075d ago

Even though they sucked I still enjoyed the video. Im glad I already have mine on pre-order.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi4075d ago

...Get a xBox 360...Switch it on...BOOOOOOM!!!...One Roast Chicken...but one less House!!!... ;-D

DavidMacDougall4075d ago

"I can also slow roast a chicken in my mouth" - Roger The Alien -

GayStation34075d ago (Edited 4075d ago )

This kiddy brown turd is getting on my nerves. I doubt this POS will appeal to the casuals. Sony has failed Again. Fable on the other sold more than 3 million copies even on that unpopular, shytty center table called XBOX. Lots of people have been waiting for this game to get a 360, and that time has come.

Price drop + Fable 2 in october = PS3 get Pwned.
Price drop + Gears 2 in November = PS3 gets buried

Can't wait for Microsoft's September conference btw. Good bye Droids, I'll miss you guys. Don't forget to call me when you reach 6 feet under.

4075d ago
GayStation34075d ago (Edited 4075d ago )

You're the delusional one brown turd. You wasted your money on a worthless POS. you could have use that money to buy games, or something else, instead you chose to buy a PS3. Well, it's your life and your money, you can waste it as much as you want it's all up to you.

EDIT : @Dork
"LBP poops..."
Off course it does, it's a turd. What else can you expect from a turd game made by turds, for turds? It's only on the PS3 that you play as a turd. Geez Sony will make you Droids believe and buy anything.

dukadork4075d ago

LBP poops on [email protected]#%ble2: it's a carpet bombing with no survivors
Ps3 poops on POS360 and then it smells of burnt sh!t


Nitrowolf24074d ago (Edited 4074d ago )

lol do you honestly think that MS will have another price drop next month and November? lol ya right.

LBP + Bioshock + Socom + Resistance2 + Narutostorm + HOME= MASSIVE PWNAGE

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi4074d ago

Time for me to have a Poops/Dump...Hmm where did i put that xBox 360!!! ;-D

The xBots can't play this game because they only know how to Press the FIRE Button on there Horrible looking game Pad, and that's it!!! ;-D

'(Press FIRE)DIE! N00B! (Press FIRE)DIE! N00B! (Press FIRE)DIE! N00B! (Press FIRE)DIE! N00B!' LOOK MOMMY!!! I Killed 100 people!!! ;-D

KiddyBrownTurd4074d ago (Edited 4074d ago )


poooooooooooooooooooooooooor droids, too busy hyping their turd to realize the most important feature was CANNED!


darkdoom30004074d ago

lol "Gaystation" is N4G always filled with homophobic 9 year olds?

4074d ago
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acdata4075d ago

LBP is 3d PowerPoint not a big game for hardcore gamer no one wait to work with 3d PowerPoint. play BEHIND(tm)

cahill4075d ago

You mean glorified RROD BOX

We have the best games this Fall. YU dont have any

poopsack4075d ago

oh man i should work with powerpoint more often then.

juuken4074d ago

Jealousy is a bad thing...

TheDeadMetalhead4074d ago (Edited 4074d ago )

acdata. So very, very, very cold...*sigh*

If LBP is PowerPoint, then the real PowerPoint's like a cardboard box with a hole in the bottom. And it's installed in my computer, WHY? -_-

steck674074d ago (Edited 4074d ago )

If you have a problem with powerpoint, dont make it into a powerpoint :)

TheDeadMetalhead4074d ago

And if you have a problem with LBP, don't buy it.

PWNED!!! ^__^

badz1494074d ago

LBP is powerpoint? that's among the lamest comment ever to downplay LBP! last time I checked, it's CREATE, PLAY, POWERPOINT or..PRESENT over there! but the way you acknowledged it as a 3D powerpoint proved that how diverse LBP can be instead being just a game! the possibilities are almost endless!!

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