Nintendo Announces 60 Indies For eShop

Still no AAA titles but indie fans should be happy as Nintendo has announced 60 indie titles for their eShop.

Money-Mike2603d ago

Never been big on indies but I think I'll be picking up quite a few of these games. At least it will temporarily fill the virtual console void

Garethvk2603d ago

I am not big on indies and that is a huge part of my issue with the switch. It is a mobile platform not a console. They can call it a console all they want but is well below the current gen in terms of power and features to say nothing of AAA support. Zelda and Mario are simply not enough for me to justify it, neither is Splatoon 2 so I just see no reason to get it. Perhaps down the road. but not being a fan of mobile gaming, the appeal is very low to me.

HomeofGaming2603d ago

damn, judge the line up after E3, I'm sure many, many more games from 3rd parties and Nintendo will be announced

Poseph2603d ago

@garethvk let's start with it that you were never going to buy a Switch in first place, no matter what they had announced :)

Garethvk2603d ago (Edited 2603d ago )

I have actually seen it and played it at PAX South and I found it small and fragile and did not impress me at all. I do not like mobile gaming and to me, 299.99 plus the cost of a Microsd for a system that has no 4K abilities, no VR support, limited AAA title support, and a weak launch lineup just had no interest for me. I actually had a pre-order in place at Amazon and cancelled it and got a 4K TV instead. I will wait and see where it is down the road but it is not worth the price to me currently.

_-EDMIX-_2603d ago

If you're not going to buy Zelda or Mario I could fully 100% understand how this would be an extremely tough sell to you what franchises are you looking for on this platform?

I also understand that it is a portable and clearly not a triple A console in regards to PlayStation 4 or Xbox one level games but Nintendo has never really catered to that specific Market in the first place so technically speaking how was this really any different than their previous platforms that they actually released and the last two generations?

I believe if Nintendo is going to release games to the same quality that they did the last two generations you actually should be fine even if this is not a dedicated console simply because it already has the power of their previous console anyway so it easily could replicate those experiences despite not really being a dedicated Home console device.

Let me put it to you this way in the next ten to fifteen years yes there will be a portable that is likely two to three times stronger than the PlayStation 4 Are you seriously telling me that if it was also a portable you would not care for the quality presented? So yes in comparison to something like PlayStation 5 or Playstation 6 what have you it's not going to look as good but it actually does not mean you cannot get a quality experience.

The way I'm looking at the architecture and the actual quality of the games it's no different than what you saw from the Wii U so if you didn't care for the quality of those games this is not going to change your mind.

But you have to consider even if this was a standalone dedicated Home console that could only play on the television do you seriously think Nintendo was going to release a platform that was at least strong enough to support the current Generations games? Did they do that for the last two generations? So what's really telling you that they were ever going to do that this time around? For all you know if the switch was simply just a Home console and nothing else it likely would have been the exact same power anyway.

light692602d ago

It's funny how people have opinions that we don't seem to care about anymore (:

Realplaya2602d ago

Every console before it is not considered a console then going by your logic. It's a console that you can double as a handheld.

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cleft52603d ago

I just watch the whole video and I am impressed. Clearly Nintendo is making an actual effort to push for a constant stream of content on the Switch. Some of the indie titles they showed definitely appeal to me. I will almost certainly buy WarGroove and Stardew Valley on it.

Aquietguy2603d ago

I also am interested in War Groove. This is kind of a tie over for no 3DS Advance Wars.

The 10th Rider2603d ago

I've been eying Stardew valley for a while, but have been waiting for when I pick up a switch because I want to be able to play it on the go.

2603d ago
PurpHerbison2603d ago

Wait, there is no virtual console? You have got to be f*cking kidding me....

conanlifts2603d ago

It's coming. Just not at launch. I would assume around E3, but thats just an assumption.

_-EDMIX-_2603d ago

I would say it depends on the quality like any game this is one of the few times where I actually think it would be best for Nintendo to begin to select the type of quality they want on their platform because from what we saw from the steam store so iOS I think this is one of those instances where they need quality control I would argue even on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One they need that same type of quality control there are some god-awful crappy games on some of these stores that don't deserve any type of attention whatsoever

I would say they make it even harder for the better independent games to get attention.

C_Ali882602d ago

I don't know why anybody is disagreeing, I like Nintendo and Sony and I feel that this shouldn't become the google play store or the app store for iOS, garbage bloatware and numerous cheap money grabs... Nintendo should at least uphold the quality that it presents on its console.

_-EDMIX-_2602d ago

@c_a- agreed I believe it hurts the industry because it starts making it sound as if the value of some of these games is Justified when in reality the price is that these companies are putting for the shovel where is making it seem as if the quality titles are overpriced and I believe it starts hurting other properties and users are unable to see which are good games by the Sea of shovelware.

People have the audacity to get upset about the price of Mario run but the reality is Mario run is not overpriced the crappy games that are on the iOS store are just cheap and garbage, so much so that they're actually devaluing the quality games and I believe that hurts really great developers that might have amazing Concepts but get overshadowed by all the crappy titles.

this is a very difficult subject simply because you sort of straddle the line of becoming some sort of software Nazi I'm not really saying that these companies should start throwing games off of the network but I believe that they should have a specific standard of quality if there is a game that is too much like several other games and my personal opinion the console manufactured needs to elect having the title not show up.

Something like that actually exist inside of real estate in which a company cannot just simply make a specific store in and certain area the actual County must be okay with having such a store exist and they actually have a limit on specific types of stores so they're not essentially oversaturated with the same thing.

It's getting to the point where these shovelware developers are putting their sights on any platform with a damn controller to the point where they're actually harming real developer that actually really develop for the sole purpose of being creative.

I think consumers need to start really taking a look at this cuz they need to understand what would have happened to titles like limbo or Super Meat Boy if they entered the market today?

How many amazing titles are lost because of this practice?

Though I don't agree with Nintendo seal of approval Generations prior because I actually believed it was way way too harsh and was restricting too much developers I believe this would be the time in which they should bring that back specifically for independent Developers.

I truly believe we do not need Nintendo store PlayStation Network Xbox Live or steam looking like the iOS store

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Pamela-Ibis2603d ago

Is Fallen legion and Beyond human a playstation exclusive?

Garethvk2603d ago

That is a very good question.

EddieNX 2603d ago

Runner 3 exclusively for Switch looks incredible!

SR3882603d ago

Switch launch is fantastic, lots more to come

deafdani2603d ago

Man, some of these titles look fantastic. I will definitely grab Runner 3, the first 2 are among my favorite indie games.