How to Really Fix The Playstation 4 Auto Eject Disc Problem

How many of you have struggled with the issue where your Plastation 4 just randomly spits the disc out? Well you are not alone!

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ErinFantisy1574d ago

I am so excited to try this! My PlayStation has been having this problem for months!

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_-EDMIX-_1573d ago

If you have a launch PlayStation 4 you're likely going to have this issue especially if you lay your PlayStation 4 down flat.

There's a couple fixes that worked for me a couple months ago

First you're going to want to take the plastic faceplate off your PlayStation 4 and get one of those skinny screwdrivers people use for glasses, there's actually a screw on the side of the PlayStation 4 for the auto eject.

After you tighten that screw you might want to go online to Tom's Hardware or just YouTube how to open up the rest of your PlayStation 4 to get dust out as well as possibly just getting one of those cans of air.

The 3rd thing you're going to want to do is actually start standing up your PlayStation 4 vertically.

Now consider I actually did these all at once so I'm not entirely sure which one of them helped but I'm sure all of them would be useful.

But I definitely recommend cleaning out your PlayStation 4 if it's a launch version especially if the fan starts to get a little loud.

TheVetOfGaming1573d ago

My fan is getting a little loud. I have it up vertically, but it does need a bit of a dusting off. Guess I'll do that tomorrow.

KillZallthebeast1573d ago

Never even heard of this before and mines a launch ps4 no issues. However I've gone through 3 controllers breaking though so thats super fun.

Sniperwithacause1573d ago

Come to think about it. Since i went vertical, it hasn't ejected anything. That's crazy great analasist you had.

nveenio1573d ago

My launch PS4 had done this and would even try to eject when no disc was in the drive. I returned it under warranty, and Sony sent a new one. The new one has little rubber feet under the front of the console, which lifts it off of the resting surface when lying flat. I don't know if that's what makes the difference (maybe preventing warm air from triggering the eject button?), but that was the only noticeable physical difference. I haven't had a problem at all with the new PS4, and I've had it for a couple of years now.

Lightsbane1573d ago

I've had my PS4 standing up since release day and it still does it.

Dragonscale1573d ago

Had mine since launch and its never had this problem (touch wood). Also clean it occasionally, its amazing how much crap accumulates inside. Got a T8 torque screwdriver off Amazon for a couple of bux, well worth it. Its also surprisingly easy to do. Unfortunately you will void the warranty by opening it.

KillZallthebeast1573d ago

yeah any house that has any type of carpeting or pets no matter how much you clean your home will still somehow make tons of dust find its way into a console.

DivineAssault 1572d ago

I have a launch PS4 and this never happened.. Good to know though just in case..

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N1GHT_W0LF_X1573d ago

Wait... written by Steve Jeffreys... uploaded by Steve Fantisy... and the only other reported case is by Erin Fantisy...

Seems legit.

Lon3wolf1573d ago

Is it real or is it just fantisy........

Fishy Fingers1573d ago

Just a quick google search brings up plenty of articles covering it.

So I'm unsure if you're questioning whether the problem exists or not? But does seem to be users experiencing this issue so if this helps a single gamer, great. If not, no harm done.

kevnb1573d ago

the problem happened to me, it was within warranty and I just got sony to fix it.

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Sniperwithacause1573d ago

Since launch, mine would eject the disk once a week or so. Although can't remember how long it has been since it done it last. Until seeing this article, I forgot that it use to do it.

UnSelf1573d ago

Wow I really thought I was the only who's had these problems. It turns out it's pretty common.

Anyway, I've wipe my PS4 down with a wet wipe and haven't had problems since. However this isn't to say itnwont happen again it just hasn't since I did that

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YoungKingDoran1573d ago

Commenting so i can remember to try this some time.
I suffer from this horrible problem ....this, premature ejection!!
But seriously, its so shit when your game is interrupted, happened to me a lot during RE7 and that takes ages to load.
Also, N1GHT_W0LF_X is onto something - writer: steve jeffreys, n4g user: stevefantisy, 1st comment: erinfantisy - with some serious bot-like comments. I just wonder why tho
Also2, or anyone that doesn't want to open their console, EDMIX ^^ hit the nail on the head for easy solutions.

DragonDDark1573d ago

Just stop it from working. Use the controller. There is a video somewhere on youtube on how to do it.

MagicBeanz1573d ago

I actually have had this happen a few times but I wouldn't consider it a "problematic headache", as its actually never affected me while gaming, its only ever done it while I wasn't playing anything. Anyway you should never do anything to void your warranty.

zaherdab1573d ago

Well if you still have your warranty send your ps4 for a check up anyway it only gets worse with time

MagicBeanz1572d ago

Like I said its pretty rare for me, maybe three times or so in over three years, but if it suddenly gets worse I'll keep that in mind.

zaherdab1572d ago

For me i just pulled out the rubber part at the bottom and lift both front sides a bit and it stopped happening ... sold it shortly after though

The_KELRaTH1573d ago

I have my PS4 lifted about 10mm at the front which seems to solve the issue unless theres some dust over the eject button.
Just as with the PS3 blu-ray failures Sony just ignores theres a problem😵

twiggytree121573d ago

I started buying my games digital because of this issue. It's seriously annoying having your game disc spit into the floor when your trying to game. Luckily I haven't had this issue with my PS4 Pro.

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