Ubisoft: There Is No Other Game Like Ghost Recon Wildlands

Ghost Recon Wildlands takes place in the massive open-world of Bolivia. Gamers will be able to turn this expansive land into the playground of their dreams.

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TheOptimist598d ago

GTA:O says "Hi", to this wannabe tactical shooter which is actually a run n gun shooter

Goldby598d ago

i get more tactics out of Twin Blast on Paragon than i did with Wildlands

Bathyj598d ago

Well it depends how you want to play. I play it very stealthy and try to use my Squad in different ways. If you want to run and gun, thats up to you.

nX597d ago (Edited 597d ago )

Ubisoft is a joke. I'd understand this statement if they came up with Horizon Zero Dawn or even said that about For Honor but for Wildlands they just copied The Division into the setting of MGS5 and are seriously calling this a game "like no other"?

FunAndGun597d ago

Thanks a lot, now I have to go play Paragon.

naruga597d ago (Edited 597d ago )

hey Ubi ....even the retarded can say that you just copy-pasted MGS V ...adding realistic equipment-scenarios , cursing obnoxious females and 4 player coop doesnt a make a game prototype

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Nu598d ago

I like Metal Gear 5 and Wildlands seems to be a little similar.
GTA is too realistic in story which makes it boring

yeahokwhatever597d ago

If GTA is like real life to you, you need to move.

brich233598d ago

higher the difficulty and see if its still run n gun.

Goldby597d ago

i did and it still is.

the game has its major issues, i should not be able to kill someone with one headshot while it take 10 bullets to kill me.

I shouldn't ahve to worry about shooting enemies from a bush and them knowing exactly where i am in the bush. the guillie suit should actually work!

you want tactical gameplay, go play Socom and them come back to this BS division in the woods

Allsystemgamer597d ago

I did. Still too easy. This isn't a ghost recon game just like future soldier wasn't.

They've veered so far from what the franchise is.

I started playing ghost recon on the very first game. This isn't ghost recon.

rocketpanda598d ago

GTA:O isn't a tactical shooter either. Why are you comparing the two when they are nothing alike?

Oh right, only GTA online has the right to exist as an open world run and gun game.

TheOptimist598d ago (Edited 598d ago )

No, but because this game is as tactical as GTAO. It's practically a run n gun shooter with gimmicks to make you feel you are working tactics, while in reality, the AI sucks, you are OP, you can run n gun. This game is as tactical as Assassin's Creed was a stealth game

krypt1983597d ago

Wildlands is tactical and strategic you obviously didn't play on ghost mode and have no intentions on buying the game so why are you here, don't compare this game to gta online totally different gunplay is better and the map is literally 3 and a half of gta's map including the water

TheOptimist597d ago

Does size matter if 60% of the map is empty? Really? Dammit, no wonder the game developers do not put effort into intricately making the world, when people are satisfied with half hearted work.

As for difficulty, no, I didn't play on that, but on Hard mode it is a run n gun shooter, so that makes me think, how difficult ghost setting will be? Nah....

Gunplay is better? Don't kid me. They literally took it up from Watch Dogs 2 which had taken up the shooting from GTA V. Also the driving in Ghost Recon is just p*ss-poor. Don't really care about world size if they are going to leave most of it empty.

Xb1ps4598d ago

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UKmilitia598d ago

either the 7000 or the 8000s good.
the sony 93
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krypt1983597d ago

Don't buy sony they are over priced and use the same exact pieces that samsung use, get a samsung or lg

LightofDarkness597d ago

Get the UK KS7000/ US KS8000 (same TV). Perfect for gaming.

OoglyBoogly597d ago (Edited 597d ago )

Get the KS8000 and nothing less (for the price at least). The Sony IS good but the KS is just better...especially for HDR uses. is a great site for reviews and you'll see that by their testing the Samsung KS8000 (and higher series) are only really bested by LG OLED TV's.

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wsoutlaw87598d ago

Playing with a friend was a lot of fun. Was good on the hardest difficulty. Its not a perfect game, but thats not a great reason to cry. Its a game thats fun with friends. Im not sure its a great sp game in anyway but thats fine.

andrewsquall597d ago

@TheOptimist That's exactly what a friend thought it was of the gameplay I showed him from E3 last year.

Lord_Sloth597d ago

So you think GTA:O is comparable to Wildlands? Aside from being online there really isn't much in common at all. Not in feel, look, vibe, story, design...Nothing.

TheOptimist597d ago (Edited 597d ago )

The thing that is common, is that both games (In GTAO heists) require minimal tactical operations. In Ghost Recon, tactical is not a need, it is a want. You are not forced to be tactical, you have to be tactical to look more badass, not do the mission efficiently and that's where Ghost Recond fails miserably. In tactical games, tactics should forced on the player so he/she doesn't run n gun, not the case with this game.

Lord_Sloth596d ago

How DARE they appeal to both the run and gunners and the stealth enthusiasts at the same time!

Count_Bakula597d ago

At least GTA allows player to choose b/w fully FP or third. Ubi forces shitty FP when game could have been a decent TP option for players.

OoglyBoogly597d ago

You're so full of shit. Wildlands is nothing like GTA Online and is FAR from a "run and gun" shooter. Even playing on medium I was constantly getting gunned down by enemies I hadn't even spotted in some cases! No, this game is not that easy...even on easy. And this is coming from someone that's been a Clancy fan since the beginning and has been playing these games very WELL for years.

While this certainly isn't the most tactical or realistic Recon game ever it's certainly no casual dude-bro shooter like you're trying to make it out to be.

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598d ago
SeanScythe598d ago

"It is clearly a fact no other game is a pure military shooter, an open world and has this fully seemless drop in drop out coop." Title is misleading but it's true no other game is like this.

Elwenil598d ago

I wouldn't say it's misleading, just that 90% of the people looking to pick a fight are going to take it the way they want. "A pure military shooter, an open world and has this fully seemless drop in drop out coop.", is what GR Wildlands is, so that makes the title valid.

Me personally, I enjoyed the beta and I am looking forward to playing with friends on the 7th. It's not a GR game like I wanted, but it seems to be a better experience than The Division, but time will tell. I didn't go all in and do the "season pass" nonsense this time though. The co-op is what makes it worth it to me, that and it's similarity to FarCry 4, which I enjoyed but wished for more players in co-op.

SeanScythe598d ago

Same here, I want that military coop action and for it to be in a massive open world with different environments. What more can you ask for? And after updates and patches to fix things that may arise along with dlc it's going to be fun im sure of that.

TWB597d ago

I do agree, but not that its anything similar to Far Cry 4. I went back to FC4 after the beta because I wanted just a little more sneaky action, and wanted to try the coop with keys of kyrat, with my friend who I played the Wildlands beta with.

Far Cry games havent been serious since 2, and they lack a complete layer of stealth and tactics that Wildlands had. The only things that are similar to GR:W, were the way open world worked (raiding outposts for missions/equipment), the quirkyness and some awkward AI behavior/mechanics (like them being limited by draw distance to relatively close to your location), and that they are both Ubi games, so they share similar open world tropes.

As a sidenote, I do wish Far Cry was much more serious similar to Wildlands, and wanted Wildlands to be even better, but the way it currently is, is fine.

Timesplitter14598d ago

Arma Wasteland is not only like that, but it's probably a much better game too

SeanScythe598d ago

that's nice but it's not on my ps4.

just_looken598d ago

Drop in and drop out coop with a open world was saints row 2 even mercenaries 2 world in flames had that.

Or you can play mgs peace walker 4 player coop

drop in drop out coop has been around for a good 10 years mgs 5 would have also had this kojima had it made it was in early bulds but konami rushed that game thats why you see it now in mgs survive.

SeanScythe598d ago

none of those are a military shooter in an open world with coop. they said that is what their game is and it's correct. yes each one has part of that but none have all of that. It's like saying you have the best smart phone because it does all of this stuff in one device. then someone else saying it's all been done before on other devices. Yes but not all in one.

conanlifts598d ago

I only played an hour of the beta so my impression is limited. But in that time it felt like i was playing far cry 4.