PS3 set to take #1 Holiday Spot writes:

" Since all three major consoles flooded the market in 2006, Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo have done there best to set themselves apart from the competition. microsoft launched the 360 a year prior to the others and has relied heavily on their online service, creating a next gen void that could only be filled by the 360. An ingenious move that made the 360 a key name in this generations war. The Wii has profited from the casual market, creating some of the funnest first party titles to ever hit a Nintendo system, and although 3rd parties have failed to grasp the system and continue to create some of the worst games to ever grace a console in any generation (right up there with E.T.), it continues to gain appeal in family households. Sony has created an all-in-one entertainment center, with the best Blu-Ray player on the market and free online service that is very close to equalling what the Xbox 360 can offer. The console has also taken gaming to new heights with some of the most advanced games in the market, both graphically and story wise."

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Lord Shuhei Yoshida4502d ago

Sony to take #1

Nintendo to take #2

Microsoft to take away 360 and leave the console business in shame

Mr PS34502d ago

And they can take the Fuc*ing BoTs with em !!!

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi4502d ago (Edited 4502d ago )

'Microsoft to take away 360 and leave the console business in shame'

What a lovely thought!!! ;-P Let's HOPE SO!!!;)

If i want to play BORING P.C games i'll get a P.C!!! ;-D
Not buy a xBox 360 to play them on???
+PAY 2 PLAY Online??? WTF???

---------Nona-------4502d ago

The great Kutaragi :O!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*Bows* I will serve you in any way you wish Master

Lord Shuhei Yoshida4502d ago


Indeed Kutaragi-san.

Unfortunately I will be missing out on playing the superior version of Rage on my PC and my PS3 because of the 360 and its weak limitations from the DVD9.I will not be playing beyond but I will be playing behind like the xbots do.

Lord Shuhei Yoshida4502d ago (Edited 4502d ago )

edit:Double post

juuken4502d ago


Sony has a near unstoppable lineup this year and The Dark Knight is coming out as well.

4502d ago
Sir_Ken_Kutaragi4502d ago

@(((((((((Nona))))))))) ;) Cool way you done your Name;) Good that.
Just keep Defending the PS3;) from all these Nasty internet LIES. That's all i ask!!! ;-D

@Lord Shuhei Yoshida ;) I will send you a PS3!!! ;)

Sanzee4502d ago (Edited 4502d ago )

Little Sony Fan, come back when you have a real analyst saying this. I'm an Xbox fan and if I had a webstite called "Xbox Addiction" and I wrote that the 360 will own this holiday season, I guess that makes me a qualified analyst, and in NO way a console fan? You poor kids are depending on your own fansites for assurance.

Can't you get some evidence from somewhere outward. So far, all your die-hard fans are making these statements. Is it to comfort yourselves? Really, what the hell is going on?

TheOtherGuy4502d ago

"Sony to take #1

Nintendo to take #2

Microsoft to take away 360 and leave the console business in shame "

Couldn't have said it any BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

pixelsword4502d ago

Like Dark Night and The Darkness?

Or Fallout 3 and the Simpsons episode with Fallout Boy?

Ha! that would be sweet.

Pain4501d ago

Microsoft to take away 360 and leave the console business in shame.

-im hoping for a "give Money back to shareholders and Close up M$ altogether"
After Sony and Apple gang-bang M$ 3 ways from Sunday, thats my X-mass wish.

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nbsmatambo4502d ago (Edited 4502d ago )

"It seems the folks that own the Playstation 3 system not only act more mature, but play a bit more mature as well with less profanic phrases muttered"

wat is he saying lol..

When i play Burnout online i hear these idiots with headset using profanity all the time..

i cant say anything about LIVE bcuz ive never played it with a headset..

"Many will argue the last point with the fact that the PS3 requires install times for a large number of games. What gamers need to realize is that these make load times during gameplay significantly less, and often times faster than there 360 counterparts."

wat gamers need to realize is that they r forced to install something bcuz some devs r too lazy to optimize everything to run smoothly (im talking about Burnout & Uncharted + various other games that dont require installs)

Anton Chigurh4502d ago (Edited 4502d ago )

Currently, the xbox360 got better and more AAA titles than any console in this generation. however, the PS3 has some good game like MGS , Uncharted and more coming this holiday but. I think the xbox will win this holiday thanx to the price cut, huge library and online

definitely , good time for gamers

cahill4502d ago

All of AAA titles like Uncharted /MGS4 are true exclusives unlike Mass effect/Gears 1 or Bioshock

PS3 has undoubtedly the best library this Fall
Ofcourse PS3 will win in WW sales vs x360 this Fall but in USA too we will have to wait and see

MGS4 got 10/10 from IGN and Famitsu. No x360 game will ever get that

r2kcipher4502d ago (Edited 4502d ago )

when u say "I think the xbox will win this holiday" ur just talking about the 360 selling more in the us.. right? i hope so because the chances of it out selling anywhere else would be slim..

CrazzyMan4502d ago (Edited 4502d ago )

"the xbox360 got better and more AAA titles than any console in this generation."
@Anton Chigurh, looks like, new PS3 consumers doesn`t agree with you, otherwise WHY for almost whole year PS3 would OUTSELL x360 worldwide???
It`s all about games. So far, that means, that with a higher price ps3 still has more to offer in terms of game quality. It`s consumer who decides.

All what x360 has this Fall, is:
Gears 2 - will buy mostly same geow crowd.
Fable 2 - actually, i don`t think it will pass 1 mln. this year, very low chance.
Banjoo - i doubt this will be a big seller too.
And if you insist L4D, which also will be available on PC(and later maybe ps3), hard to call a system seller.

Price - price could be a BIG factor in USA, where they have some problems with economy.
But Europe and Japan.. in Europe it was:
200 euro - Arcade
270 euro - 60GB Pro
370 euro - 120GB Elite
AND still PS3 was outselling x360.

Now it`s
180, 240, 300 vs 400 costing PS3. It will be a HARD one.) Though LBP bundle could make wonders, as GT5 prologue bundle did during first Euro price cut this year. It`s all about GAMES after all.

Japan.. x360 is just dead there, and after little price cut spike, it will go back to below 4k sales.

So far, Europe+Japan > NA. This will be a tough one.
However, PS3 this year has one advantage, year ago it was blu-ray vs hd-dvd, THIS year it`s only about blu-ray. And This standar becomes more popular every day. That fact could boost sales greatly this Christmas, after all, PS3 is not just a console, it`s a MEDIA center, which ALL Family members can use. =)

Resistance 2 - has potential to get new crowd, thnx to improved graphics and improved Online features(co-op modes, 60 player online).
LBP - this could be just another Mario of this gen.
Motorstorm:PR - barely a system seller.
Naruto ltimate Storm - though, it`s hard to call it a system seller, but Revolutionary cell shading graphics can easy draw new crowd.
Valkyrie Chronicle and Socom - could also get some new consumers.)

So far, time will show. But there are so many factors this Fall. =)
I wouldn`t be suprised, if ALL systems this Christmas would be sold out. :)

Shadow Flare4502d ago (Edited 4502d ago )


Doesn't need a price cut or any real new games this christmas because demand IS THERE. It's got so much hype and it is the console to get for most of the population. It will do fine like it always does

---Xbox 360---

Needed another price cut this year because demand IS NOT THERE. Wii outsells it, the more expensive ps3 has been continously outselling it worldwide, so it needed another price cut. It has a decent line-up of games for x-mas, and with the lowered price, stands a good chance of selling high numbers. In america. If it falls short of ps3 again this year, not many options are left for this console. It's already cheaper then a wii.


Won't get a price drop because like Sony have stated, they need to focus on making money from the ps3 now. The machine is cheaper to build now, and Sony will just ride out christmas to get as many sales as they can with the current price point. Sony shouldn't need to worry about dropping the price because the stella line up of upcoming games (headed by LittleBigPlanet) will do the job in bringing in sales. After they've couped in the earnings over the christmas period, then i believe Sony will drop the price in Q1/2 2009

As for worldwide sales, i look back to 2007. Where Xbox 360 had "teh best gamez eva" and ps3 had only a few. Yet even with the release of Halo 3, ps3 outsold 360 last year at a higher price point. Why would Sony, now in a better position, not do the same this year?

-Wii (1st)
-PS3 (2nd)
-360 (3rd)

Chitown712914502d ago

1st: PS3 with 140+million
2nd: Wii with 80-90 million
3rd: Xbox 360 with 40-50 million

PS3 isn't going to start selling like the Wii until fall 2009/ early 2010. XBox 360 will be selling at the rate it is now. And for the Wii it will have a price drop next year, but won't be selling as much as it is now. I see PS3 at the $300 price point next year, with GT5 and Final Fantasy XIII ( both additions ) coming out next year. And I don't know if you realize this, but GT5 is our TRUE system seller. Each Gran Turismo has sold about 10 mil each. And Final Fantasy in I need to say more. Wii will look a fad when PS3 gets Home started, and blu-ray advertised properly, as next year more HDTV's will be in homes. XBOX 360 will probally have Halo 4 and Project Gotham, but will they have a true massive title on their hand. Like God of War 3, WarDevil, Gran Turismo 5, iNfAMOUS, Killzone 2, Final Fantasy XIII, White Knight Story, Metal Gear Solid 4 re-release( it's me!). I mean come on, who the hell is going to buy a Wii, when you can get more bang for your buck.

gaffyh4502d ago talking about PS3 being number 1 in the holiday sales, is like Bruceongames talking about the 360 being number 1 in holiday sales...


Anton Chigurh4502d ago

@ above

I came to here to talk about games not hardware sales or the xbox is dead in Japan Or Europe lol whatever

GiantEnemyCrab4502d ago

@1.7: Bingo!! We have a winner!

"Currently PS3 has the best catalog of AAA titles"

hahahaha.. I can't stop laughing at that one cahill.

Lifendz4502d ago

if you can't afford a PS3, or your parents refuse to pay the extra 200 when the comp is cheaper than I feel for you. But 360 isn't a bad consolation prize. In fact, I may pick up a 360 this Holiday season for Gears 2. But Sony's lineup this holiday season should all sell A MILI A MILI A MILI.....couldn't resist.

4502d ago
leyego4502d ago (Edited 4502d ago )

personaly i don't give a sh!t if ps3 wins, i don't give a sh!t if xbox wins, i don't give a sh!t if wii wins.

just give me kingdom hearts 3, final fantasy 13 and v13, metal gear, suikoden 6, God of war, street fighter, prince of persia, a new shadow hearts, and for the love of god make a new chrono game.
plus more that i can't think of right now.

thats y i have a ps3 right now, most of the games i want are on it.

if the xbox somehow gets suikoden 6 or any other of the games i want then i would go out and buy it just for that(those) game(s).
i would have even went out and bought a wii for kingdom hearts 3 if it was to be on the wii only.

only noobs care about console sales. its still to early, 90% of the games we love arnt even announced yet. so its anyones game.

this is truely my fault for even considering a next gen console this early. i should have waited another 4-5 years like i did with the ps2 b4 i jumped in.

jaysquared4502d ago

Can somebody please explain to me whats so cool about LBP? from watching all the game videos I dont get why every PS3 fans are proclaiming to be the next coming of christ. I mean yeah it has pretty graphics. But that's about it.


ohh men.., I have both consoles and there is no better console for me than the 360, they say more mature people play the PS3 because they use less profanic phrases??, Thats because they dont have a headset, actually it feels more like you are playing in mute town in most games. The free online play, hey let me tell you a very famous frase "you get what you pay for", that should take care of that. And last, the most important of all the reasons, GAMES. All you get from sony are promises and promises games keep getting delayed, trophies are only for a few games, Home is coming?? I've been hearing that for some time now, you want bad ass get a 360.

Mhassan4501d ago

Although i can't say anything about LIVE but i don't think that PSN has more mature people, Just few weeks ago i was kicked out of a Warhawk match just for killing the host far oo many times..i mean WTF man...but anyway..this arguement needs to be changed a bit.

soxfan20054501d ago

There are no accurate sales charts for Europe as a whole, as there is for the US (NPD). PS3 fans just want to believe that the PS3 is ahead of 360 there. Spread a rumor long enough and people will start to believe it, true or not.

Jake11114501d ago

" I have both consoles and there is no better console for me than the 360, "

There is no way you own both systems and have played the best games on both systems and you still make this statement. It is commical.

I have all 3 systems. The PS3 is the only system I play now. I was amazed by Drakes, Warhawk, R&C, Heavenly, GT5 and I am now playing big boss hard on MGSIV. After completing it prior.

I dont even have interest in anything at this point on the 360. I played GOW to death and now I am trading my 360 in before it craps out.

The games are amazing. Sony is just starting to shine.

Lovin life!


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HB-Sauce4502d ago

I think the PS3's success hinges on LittleBigPlanet. If LBP isn't a critical and commercial success then it will really hurt the PS3's holiday sales.

PirateThom4502d ago

Meh, I disagree, PlayStation's sucess is never linked to one game, it's linked to a number of different games across numerous genres.

Ask PS3 owners their more anticipated game this next few months, you'll get a wide range of responses.

DavidMacDougall4502d ago (Edited 4502d ago )

I dissagree there is more than LBP and LBP is completely brand new.

Killzone is going to be one of the best looking FPS of 2009.

GT5 "THE" best driving game only on ps3

Resistance 2 with its 60 player online and 8 player co-op nothing the 360 can match

The way 360 is starting to show its age because of storage space most games in the future will be held back or on several discs will the ps3 right now is future proof

jwatt4502d ago

I agree with both you guys that there is usually a wide variety of games that people want but I really do think the big thing for Sony this holiday season is LittleBigPlanet. Plus I think out of all the games coming out LBP can sell the most worldwide.

I also think all the consoles are going to sell well and even if the ps3 doesn't sell the most I think it's going to do well considering that it is the most expensive.

juuken4502d ago

I disagree as well. You're forgetting other games that can play a role in the PS3's success.

Socom: Confrontation
Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm (Naruto is very popular in Japan and can move consoles)
Resistance 2
Motorstorm: Pacific
Valkyria Chronicles
White Knight Chronicles (Can move consoles in Japan as well)

And next year is going to be even more insane.

Narutone664502d ago

I'm more a driving gamer, even bought a G25 steering wheel just for GT5P. Keeping an eye for LBP and Eyepet though, my son and daughter kept asking when will it be out.

HB-Sauce4502d ago

I do agree that Playstation does have a wide variety of games that bring in the audience and the previous playstations they haven't relied on one game/franchise to sell consoles but I'm talking about success this holiday season. There will be PS3s moved this holiday for sure but if Sony wants to push the most units LBP is gonna have to set the world on fire. I know Resistance 2, Motorstorm: Pacific Rift, and other games will move consoles but wouldn't you agree that LBP has the *most* potential to shift consoles this holiday season? If Little Big Planet turns out to be the success that everyone wants it to be, it will make the 08 PS3 line-up look that much sweeter to people who want to buy in seeing as they can pick up 2 to 3 other quality titles (depending on prefernces they may pick up more) with LBP.

himdeel4501d ago (Edited 4501d ago )

...of the PS3 is tied to one title every time an exclusive pops up. That my friends is absolutely ridiculous. Similarly it's like saying the 360 is dead in Fable 2 doesn't sell 1 million copies in the first day.

While you could legitimately say SONY has a lot riding on LBP it's not the second coming of Christ, it's just imo a really interesting new IP. Also imo SONY would like to use LBP to bring in various segments of the market that want something different as far as gaming is concerned...oh yeah and make a lot of the money WHILE milking LBP for all it's worth.

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cleanhealthy124502d ago

im selling my ps3 & games for a 360

LinuxGuru4502d ago

As if you even have a PS3.

Go ahead, Microsoft would love to have you in their camp.

Go ahead and read that. Tell me what you think about Microsoft afterward.

TANOD4502d ago


cleanhealthy124502d ago

@ 3.2- like i care about the companies like a little nerd, its about games, and 360's games >> Ps3's

@3.3- look & stfu

im trying to get rid of that POS as fast as possible to have enough for 360s awesome games

NipGrip4502d ago

Sorry for your loss, clean. You're making a huge mistake, but hey enjoy.

jessupj4501d ago

What do you have to look forward to on the 360? gears and fable 2 is about it. There's so much great stuff coming out of the ps3 yet your about to sell it. But 16 year old boys are drawn to the 360 like a magnet for some weird reason. You might realise your mistake 6 months from now.

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tocrazed4you4502d ago

All up to LBP for appeal to every market, Resistance 2 for shooters, Motorstorm 2 for racing, Socom for Shooting, Naruto Ultimate Ninja for fighting,and lastly the two rpgs valkyria and eternal sonata. OOo and bioshock to help make the ps3 sell tons!!! Price drop wouldn't hurt either. I am telling you if the price is 300 bucks ps3 will win the holiday season hands down, unless the wii still appeals to families and little kids.