Rumor: 3rd party cables void the PS3 warranty

A rumor has been circulating that using 3rd party component cables will void the warranty of your PlayStation 3. The origins of this rumor stem from AVS forum poster ragedogg69 who tells this tale but fails to mention what exactly was wrong with his console. made a phone call to Sony tech support to get some answers. The representative explained that if a third-party cable caused our PS3 to short-circuit then, quite obviously, Sony would see that as the fault of said third-party and not their problem. However, if the problem was seemingly unrelated, such as a failure of the Blu-ray drive, the operator's response became less clear...

The Consumerist dug into the PlayStation 3's warranty and found a clause that rather unclearly states that you assume the liability and risk of using non-Sony products with the console.

Josytiq contacted Sony again and received the following official statement:

"At SCEA, we have the same warranty for PS3 as we have for the other PlayStation platforms. Our Customer Service department will trouble shoot fully to see what the set-up environment is and what may be causing the issues. We are determining more info about this specific instance. In typical situations, video cables would not void the warranty, but each situation is unique."

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MicroGamer5225d ago

so when you all run out and buy a non-Sony HDMI cable or an HDMI to DVI adapter so you can see Blu Ray movies in 1080p and something happens and your PS3 gets fried, Sony flips you the bird and says too bad.

FFVIIFan5225d ago

if the cables are what caused the problem.

Grown Folks Talk5225d ago

have their own warranty, and accept responsibility if their product ruins your system.

AuburnTiger5224d ago (Edited 5224d ago )

The article say absoulutely nothing about HDMI cables, only 3rd party component cables.

Also did you notice the big 5 letter word in bold, RUMOUR??

So lets keep the fanboyism to a minimun.

MicroGamer5224d ago

I have seen this RUMOR elsewhere, as well, and anything third party, not just component cables, that ruins your system voids your warranty with Sony. Try getting your info from more than one source.

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PS360PCROCKS5225d ago

ok this is just retarded sony nagging their writing stories about warranty voids, geez the ps3 bash train never stops, damn its a good console people...Microsoft i'm sure would do the same. This is about the stupidest story I have seen in a while, also how in the hell would an HDMI cable fry your ps3? Someone please explain to me a scenario how this could happen?

TheMART5225d ago

Nice Sony

First saying true HD starts with the PS3.
Then all games are not '120fps @ 1080p' but 30fps @ 720p

Then there are no HDMDI/Component/VGA cabels included, but one is gaming on composite cabels right out of the box in 480p

Now that's real HD right?
And then you void the warranty if you buy your own HDMI cable.

OMG how can a company further f*ck things up???

Karibu5225d ago

Xbox360 is only about LIVE, but after you purchasing the console they make you pay for online gaming.

You need that HDMI cable for PS3 ONLY if you have HDTV, as you have many times proven(what ever)only small amount of PS3 amers or people in general have HDTV, so whats the big idea to put a HD-cable in the box increasing overall price for a thing most people wont need??

Don't try anything BD related reply.
Sony doesn't OWN BD, they put it in for a reason. DVD just isn't big enough. PS3 IS supposed to be THE entertainment system, it's supposed to play new movie format.
And don't give that crap anout PS3 being 200$ cheaper if BD weren't there. You better have snatched sony's list of the component prices to prove it.

kornbeaner5225d ago

Summed up, if user uses any unlicensed periphieral. such as cables, controls, power supplies, ETC. and that product makes your system malfunction your warranty is void. Look it up its all there.

calderra5224d ago

The worry is that an unrelated but seeming relatable problem may occur that you could be voided for (and this applies to any console).

For example: What if your PS3's video output port fails due to internal issues, but you happened to have had a 3rd party cable attached?

From all I've seen, Microsoft and Nintendo seem to be graet about replacing damaged consoles for pretty much any reason. I personally do not know how Sony handles this. If they happen to have a problem with this, it is a seperate issue from "this evil clause", because again, yes every console has it.

Funky Town_TX5224d ago

As much as I dislike Sony's attitude with the PS3 I agree with them. If I make a product that is broken by something that I do not endorse then I will not pay for it either. BTW if you buy good HDMI cables you should not have a problem. You chould just lie when you call tech support.

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