The 50 Best Video Games

The Independent: "How much fun can you have on your sofa? Toby Green slays dragons, braves Liberty City, and develops Wii elbow to find out."

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Smacktard5490d ago

Many games do not deserve to be on this list. Twilight Princess, Halo 3, Wii Sports and especially Fallout 3. How can a game that hasn't yet been released be on a top 50 list? Great games like Morrowind, and Super Mario Galaxy (a game I don't particularly like, but can admit that it's good), in addition to Ocarina of Time and the original Half-Life... wow, this list truly blows.

Real Gambler5490d ago

Wow, why do the most stupid news have to be posted so many times.


Sitdown5490d ago

To quote the question from the article, ""How much fun can you have on your sofa?"

Now I can not speak for all the games, but you can not deny the stats with regards to Halo 3 and Wii sports. Halo 3 continues to eat up and dominate live along with COD4, and Wii sport has become a party game that continues to push Wii consoles. Those games must have done something right.....therefore, I do not see why you would think that they would not be on the list. But I guess that all gets into what defines "best" for the writers. Anyhoo.........I refuse to click through all the pages for hits, when all the games could have been listed on a single page.

Crazyglues5490d ago

for Call of Duty 4 Modern warfare... so I don't know if I even trust this list... a mistake like that, tells me the person writing this is not a true gamer..

Johnny Cullen5490d ago


I just knew right away they used a image from Call of Duty 5, I just knew also that he wasnt a proper game too if he used a pic of COD5 for COD4.