11 out of 12 is bad. A look at XBLA achievements.

A look at those awkward achievements that often stop gamers getting the full 200/200 on XBLA games.

This article, from PEOWW's regular 'Achievements Whore' series, looks at such games as Contra, Scramble and Assault Heroes and gives you the ways to max them out.

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DA_SHREDDER4076d ago

Gaming used to be about having fun, but now all its about is your gamerscore. Just listen to the guys on N4G. They play the worst games in the industry just to add more points to their gamerscore. Its pathetic. Its worse then going to church just to see the girl that you like. Your never gonna bang her,, and your never getting anything out of your points either. You bots lose, and the funny thing about it all is that you love it.

Shroomy4076d ago

What's wrong with being rewarded for doing something different? Sure there is achievement whores out there, adds replayability to a game and makes the developers look better.

I bet you soil yourself when you get your lame "trophies" Pff, hypocrit.

Stryfeno24076d ago (Edited 4076d ago )

That Contra Bulletproof achievement is hard, I still haven't got it.

TheColbertinator4076d ago

Contra is a difficult game.Even more difficult that Ninja Gaiden 2

peacesquid4076d ago

don't even think about maxing Super Contra then! Eesh!

TheColbertinator4076d ago

If there is one thing I dislike about Achievement points is that sometimes they end in weird numbers like 3 or 8

Example: 9008 achievement points

They should keep on 5s and 10s.

I have 5000 achievement points and if I go up 6 points but not 10 I would freak out

thekingofMA4076d ago

well said

that's why i kinda avoid those ones

btw, do you have rock band? because there's a sweet song by "Stephen and the Colberts" worth checking out

GameOn4076d ago

Worms:"due to the AI’s unerring ability to drop a grenade on your eye in high-wind conditions."

This guy is a noob. Wind doesn't affect grenades and I never had to dig in to get the achievement.

Cheeseknight284076d ago

The lack of Ms. Pac-man on this list is puzzling.

Perfect (30): Eat all ghosts four times within a stage!

Maybe I just needed to try harder, but I usually can't survive long enough to get all 4 of them out. Then when you die, they start over and you have to wait again.

Even getting to level 21 was easy compared to this one...

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