Will Microsoft 'Phoenix' rise from Xbox ashes to topple PS4, Wii 2?

Dave Parrack writes,

This generation of consoles has barely got going, with the price war not really having even begun, and no sign of a winner yet being called (although the Wii is clearly the frontrunner). But, the next generation of consoles could be on their way sooner than we all think. The only question remains: who will actually be involved?

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NewSchoolGamer4071d ago (Edited 4071d ago )

the "Phoenix"!!! The title of this article is so dramatic.

The author goes around in circles and i can't understand what he is actually trying to say.

Real Gambler4071d ago

Particulary after having problems with power supply setting fire, and Red Ring of Death. I would not have picked Phoenix as a name myself, but I guess it's ok...

Now the guy is saying the next console is around the corner. Well, I beg to differ.

Both, the 360 and PS3 would gain nothing by putting a new console out so fast.

Microsoft just had to cut price again, they had to set 1 billion aside for repair, so they are still in the red with the 360. Same goes for Sony who had to wrap bills around each PS3 sold for quite a while. And sure enough, both consoles are doing decently right now, since they can both display games in 1920X1080 with superior sound. A new console would not bring much more in the picture. Why would you buy a newer console if the old one already does the trick in HD and awesome sound?

The Wii is another story though. This one would benifit going HD, but why would they do it now, while the actual one doesn't stay on the sheves more than a day or two... Next step for them is to simply lower their price, which is really easy since they have been making profit on each console since day 1. Expect a good price drop very shortly after Christmas. They can lower the price every time sales are slowing down until they reach $129.99 then, simply come out with a WiiHD, compatible with the old games. It has more chances to get out before the 360.

Jake11114070d ago

I own all 3 next gen consoles. Based on experience from actual hardware and being a gamer before most of you were born.. :)

The wii was exactly as most die hard gamers said it would be.. A new idea that would get old fast. It is. I havent purchased a game on the Wii since Zelda. I only play wii sports now.

The 360 was way too rushed. The DVD storage is pathetic. The games are basically HD versions of the Xbox. I only turn it on once and a while to play GOW and thats it.

The PS3 is only beginning to shine. The games are progressively getting better. The exclusives are amazing. Warhawk, Drakes, GT5, Motorstorm, MGS4, R&C, RFOM, Heavenly. etc.

Now that Home is coming out which will not be a gimic (like Nintendos controller) and be a true advancement of online gaming etc. Imagine attending the next E3 in your living room? Amazing!

I think Sony has done its homework by creating a future proof system that will last at least 8 years (even 10 as they stated) and it will progressively get better as developers learn the hardware.

Anyone who has played through MGS4, RFOM or Drakes will see what I mean. Articles cant hide the power of this system. When you put dark and light together. Light always wins.

The PS3 is just starting to Shine.. :)


Skizelli4070d ago

"When you put dark and light together. Light always wins."

Black hole > light ;)

DavidMacDougall4071d ago

No just like the last console and this one they will fail because there eye is on the money

4071d ago
Sir_Ken_Kutaragi4071d ago (Edited 4071d ago )

...NOPE!!! ;-D
BURN IN HELL xBox + M$ + xBot Lemmings on this!!!

(Yep, got another PM today off a xBot TW*T being rude, Hmm thats over 10 now since i have been on this site...Thats why i hate the *****)
(p.s it don't bother me tho!!!) ;-D

morganfell4071d ago

Rise like the phoenix? No the MS bird is a dead duck. A real turkey.

There will be a fire - as the 360 overheats but the only thing rising are owners rising from their chairs, tossing out that ancient hardware and getting in on the next gen innovation by purchasing a PS3.

nonAsianDroid4071d ago

HELLO!! Now did I come to the right place?

AngryBot4071d ago (Edited 4071d ago )

Rofl MS number one in next gen according to bots when the current gen is far from over?

Who would brag about next next gen when the current one still has years to go? Unless current reality is too hard for them to bare? Does this mean xbots know they lost the war?

And rofl MS on top according to stinking bots again, but number one with what? Everything is gone! Bungie, Ensembles studios, 7 billion in red, PGR team, Bioware EVERYTHING!

Number one in what? Number one in failure? Yes, they win that one.

MS wont even be there next gen, stupid bots.

morganfell4071d ago

Also you have to love the logic. To rise from the ashes one has to be dead and destroyed in the first place. At least the article has that much correct.

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Smacktard4071d ago

I have a feeling that if Sony's next console does as well, or worse than the PS3, that that might be their last gen. But I think they learned their lesson from the PS3 launch.

I think that Microsoft will be around for awhile. They have an endless supply of money. I think they too learned their lessons with the 360 launch. At least, I hope they did. Don't think they'll address the issue of console exclusives ever though. I think the Xbox brand will be the home for neither casual nor hardcore gamers who think they're hardcore.

I don't think Nintendo's learned anything. They released the console with broken, non-immersive (for the most part) motion controls, a console with almost no harddrive space, and made tons of money. I think Nintendo's gonna have the same arrogant attitude for awhile. But will the casuals fall for it again next gen?

Next gen should be interesting, methinks.

outlawlife4071d ago (Edited 4071d ago )

i said this same this basically a few days ago in response to another article and was torn to pieces by the sony troops, but I fully agree with you

microsoft is laying the ground work to stick around for a long time in the console business

sony was a little too arrogent this gen and honestly made a lot of mistakes that sega made with the saturn, a price point that was too high and a lack of really quality games at the start

although sony is coming around somewhat they are still incurring losses larger than they would like on every system they sell

nintendo and microsoft are going to be there in big ways, but i'm curious to see what sony does

they can't repeat the ps3 follies, if they can recapture the ps1s and ps2s magic somehow they will be fine but honestly all I see them doing is releasing a modified version of the ps3

a new look, perhaps a better bluray drive, more memory etc

i see nintendo taking the same approach they did with the wii, a budget system with less power and a mass market gimmick

as for MS i see them going big with a super powerful console and a large revamping of live and how you actually play similar to the transition from xbox1 to the 360

leila014071d ago (Edited 4071d ago )

I totally agree with all you said.

I think Microsoft's next console will be out very soon (2012) with HDVD player for the games just to solve the "disc space problem", and off course a processor that's more powerfull than the PS3's. They'll never use bluray or do anything that'll give Sony money.

Sony doesn't really need to release another console before like 2015, the PS3 is a very powerfull console and is ahead of it's time. It'll just go through the same process as the PS2 (a slimmer model) when the new 360 comes out.

I wonder what Nintendo will do next gen though.
Are the same people that bought DSs and Wiis going to purchase the DS2 or Wii2?

r2kcipher4071d ago (Edited 4071d ago )

"microsoft is laying the ground work to stick around for a long time in the console business"

not really the faulty hardware, old disc drive, and just 2 first party studios.. really tells people they dont kno what they are doing.. and learned nothing from last gen..

Edit: oh wait they learned that the ps2 had better games.. now they try to buy as many real/timed exclusives they can..

leila014071d ago (Edited 4071d ago )

"i think the xbox sold 30-40 mil and the 360 wont sell much more.. "

Xbox sold about 25 millions in it's life time and I'm sure the 360 will sell past those numbers.

"old disc drive,"

Come on, the Wii doesn't even have playback DVD functionality. The 360 is "this-gen" and the PS3 is still "next-gen". More than 90% of the consumers are still using DVD.

beavis4play4071d ago

why don't you guys share what you're smoking? HAS to be some funky stuff for you guys to have those screwy thoughts.

r2kcipher4071d ago (Edited 4071d ago )

ur right i did the research after i added the comment my bad..

i never said anything about the wii.. and no one buys a 360 for dvds, and many developers are complaining about lack of space.. so yeah old disc drive..

RememberThe3574071d ago (Edited 4071d ago )

Sony's game division is already making money and stands to keep that going. If Sony bombs their next console launch then this argument will be valid, its just too early for "the playstation is dead" argument.

And what the hell is the deal with your guys weird ass predictions for the next gen? I mean come on this one just started.

Real Gambler4071d ago

"I wonder what Nintendo will do next gen though.
Are the same people that bought DSs and Wiis going to purchase the DS2 or Wii2? "

The next Wii will "simply" be HD. Make it compatible with the old games and peripherals, and all those people who will have bought a Wii, will definitively be interested in a WiiHD. Particularly since most of them still use old tvs, but are likely buying HD tvs as we speak. They will get most of their user base back simply by going HD and being compatible with the old stuff.

On the other side, even if Microsoft or Sony would come up with a new console, what would they do is a more valid question...
Display HD? I'll stick with my current console.
Better sound? Dang, 6 speakers is enough, stick with current console
Bigger hard drive? We can upgrade ours, stick with current console
Bigger processor? Yes, you could have more AI, more ennemies, more of everything, but the screen is getting crowded as it is. Don't think it's a good reason enough to switch consoles.

As you can see, it will be much harder for both of them to keep their user base happy and buying the newer console, than simply going HD for the Wii.

Smacktard4071d ago

@ Beavis

Well what do you think they're gonna do next gen? What's so crazy about my predictions? I said Microsoft probably learned their lesson with their early launch and faulty consoles. Do you think they're gonna just launch early and unprepared again? Do you think, then, that the Sony folks didn't learn their lesson by pricing the PS3 too high? Do you think Nintendo has learned their lesson about mistreating the hardcore? I think that's one thing that may be debatable.


What's wrong with making predictions at this point? Obviously, this article is ABOUT predictions, so you chastise us for making our own predictions? In the comments section of an article that is ABOUT predictions? Excuse me while I laugh at the irony.

@Real Gambler:

I was thinking the exact same thing. I think Nintendo will be more willing to opt for much better tech next-gen. The Wii was a risky venture (and it paid off, of course), but I think Nintendo didn't want to make the venture even riskier by making the Wii tech-heavy.

leila014071d ago (Edited 4071d ago )

@Real Gamer
"I wonder what Nintendo will do next gen though.
Are the same people that bought DSs and Wiis going to purchase the DS2 or Wii2? "

I said that because Nintendo is really unpredictable, maybe they'll want to take risks again by making the next Wii a "PS3-Wii" (Wii HD with powerful specs to attract developers and the core gamers to their console). Not only they have the money to do it, but releasing just a Wii-Hd seems too obvious and it seems they like taking risks (DS and Wii).... So my guess is that they'll surprise us next-gen.

Bloodwar4071d ago (Edited 4071d ago )

Its possible if you are correct in saying Nintendo's Wii is broken in the controls department for the most part, its a possibility that many folk may think the Nintendo is the best there is and will just stay away from gaming altogether.

Just as some folk who were 360 owners and had multiple RROD 360's may have given up altogether in console gaming. I was a victim of RROD and I stayed true to MS and it has paid off. I got a new replacement 360 for free 2 months ago and MS told me that my 3 year was extended again with the new console. So in essence, my one console that died twice in the 3 years ago that I got it from, got another 3 year life cycle tapped onto it. I kid you not. MS is pretty cool to take care of me. Thats merely my experience.

I don't know about other folk. Some people try to talk BS, but I don't buy for one second that MS meant for the RROD to destroy so many consoles, and I am glad that they ensured that I was taken care of. Considering I own over 200 games between my Xbox and my 360 as well as tons of downloadable content to boot, it would be bad joo joo if they were to burn me. I have a very VERY loud voice if you catch my drift. hehe I just won't say how so.

theEnemy4071d ago

"I think Microsoft's next console will be out very soon (2012) with HD-DVD player for the games just to solve the "disc space problem","

Umm.. where have you been ?

HD-DVD Died more than 6 months ago.

Why would M$ support a "dead" format on 2012 just to avoid Sony making money thru the blu-ray format ?

You don't deserve your bubbles.

kunit22c4070d ago

You are making it Really obvious that you are a Xbox360 Fanboy. I mean yeah microsoft has probably learned from their mistakes but ive heard rumors of it comming in 09-10 that means that they rushed another system, just like they rushed xbox360 and look at all of its problems.. but of course these are just rumors but i wouldnt doubt it and there are rumors that the (xbox720?)(pheonix?) and the (ps4?) will be having motion sensativity so they copied nintendo so this next gen will be about having best graphics most hardware space best motion sensativity and no bugs. As for the (ps4?) It seems good but all they practicaly are gonna do is add better graphics, maybe more hardware space, and motion sensativity, same with the new xbox. Nintendo is PROBABLY gonna add more hardware and boost up graphics, or their next console will be something new because if you couldnt tell Nintendo likes to come up with their own things but lets admit it Sony and Microsoft kinda dont, look at the headsets i mean they both have them but nintendo wanted a chat system but they didnt wanna copy so they made wii speak, and with motion sensing sony and microsoft copied nintendo for their next console. But i would like to say that if nintendo just adds hardware and better graphics i beleive that their next console will fail just because graphics and hardware dont seem to be nintendo's strong point what seems to be their strong point is comming up with new ways to play games.

Smacktard4070d ago

I find it funny that you call me an Xbox fanboy, as I pretty much detest everything about it (paid online, few exclusives, etc.). I only have a Wii, to be honest, and I love it. But I can admit that every console maker has made tons of mistakes this gen. They're all scrambling to fix their mistakes too, but I have a feeling that Nintendo's gonna be the group that makes the same mistakes next gen.

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NewSchoolGamer4071d ago

making so much money from the PS1 and PS2 I don;t think they will ever quit unless they have two bad gens in a role.

Smacktard4071d ago

...That was my point. How much money did they make this gen?

nbsmatambo4071d ago

this gen isnt over yet...

but so far every1 (but Nintendo >.<) is losing/recouping money or breaking even... i dont think any1 (but Nintendo >>.<<) has more money than when they started building their consoles...

RememberThe3574071d ago

This gen isn't over so how the hell can we say who's made money? MS has to recoup the money lost on the first Xbox and the launch of the second, and Sony has to recoup from the launch of the PS3. As long as they keep backing kick ass games I we all win.

does this username m4071d ago

No,just like the 360 it will be another commercial failure.

Omegasyde4071d ago

LoL at your name :) Ty for laugh.

GOTY 20074071d ago (Edited 4071d ago )

HAHAHA No Nasim. Just no.

hahahahahaha PS3rd is DEAD Nasim.

hhahahahahhahahahhahahahahhah aha

Lord Shuhei Yoshida4071d ago


Oh its you pp.Lets see what dumb thing you say today

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