SuperPhillip Central's Favorite VGMs - "SuperPhillip's Birthday Bash" Edition

Phil writes, "I don't like to toot my own horn (aw, hell-- TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!!!), but today I celebrate my 31st birthday, and with that, SuperPhillip Central arrives with five special themes to commemorate the occasion. Sure, I was going to use these five VGMs regardless, but why ruin the spectacle of the moment?

The recently released Gravity Rush 2 leads us off with a jazzy battle theme before handing it off to Final Fantasy XI. Then, we turn our attention to Okamiden. Following that is some funk (the good kind) from Dreamcast classic Jet Set Radio. Lastly, we roll on through with a catchy song from Katamari Forever.

Hey, you! Yeah, you! Click on the VGM volume name to hear the song on YouTube! Finally, check out the VGM Database for all past VGMs featured on this weekly recurring segment. Now, let's get on to the music!"

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Underrated PlayStation JRPG Gem Goes 50% Off In New Sale

Gravity Rush 2, a highly rated PlayStation exclusive, is currently available to purchase at $9.99 on the official PS Store.

OtterX87d ago

Gravity Rush would be an amazing series to be reborn on PSVR2. (sure to make the motion sick squeamish! haha) Anyone who has never played them should pick these games up though, they were really fun, unique/wild gameplay w a lot of style. My only complaint is the Part 2 has a really slow start, but it picks up.

shinoff218387d ago

I remember when part 2 came out. Part 1 physical copy worth went through the roof.

OtterX87d ago

Nice. I still have have my Gravity Rush physical copy for Vita, but I only owned Remastered + 2 digitally. Wish I had gone physical though.

jznrpg87d ago

I own all of the games physically for Vita and PS4.

Inverno87d ago

Gravity Rush in VR would most likely kill someone lolz. GR2 and the first Mirrors Edge are the only games I've played where I've gotten horrible motion sickness but just couldn't stop playing em. Really hope that motion capture clip really is a movie cause the series deserves more attention.

OtterX87d ago

Ha, yea it would be a bit like Sairento VR (constant 1st person flipping combat), mixed with Detached VR (360 space thrusters) with all comfort settings off, if you've ever played either of those! XD

Eidolon86d ago

GR1/2 would need quite the overhaul to work in VR. If they do make one from the ground up it definitely would work and couldn't be as motionly crazy as some games I've played on the Quest 2, like that Grapple game.

jznrpg87d ago

Loved the first one Vita and second on PS4. Most VR games I’m fine but the nature of Gravity Rush I am not sure I could handle it or not as it may make me feel sick to my stomach. I’d give it a try at least

GoodGuy0987d ago

Gravity rush 1 I really enjoyed but for some odd reason I couldn't as much with the sequel. It was a good game but the controls were very clunky and a game like that just really needs a higher framerate with how precise you need to be. Also everyone is for some reason just absolutely rude towards Kat which got me too annoyed lol.

The visuals and art style were amazing though. If they were to ever make a sequel, you fix these problems, then GR would be great games.

blackblades87d ago (Edited 87d ago )

I enjoyed and play the 1st one on vita, i enjoyed there. Then I played the remaster with dlc when it came out. Gravity rush 2 I bought long time ago on ps4 but never got into it. I didnt even make it to 1st quarter of it. Its just what it is, I'll try to get back on to it sooner or later.

Rebel_Scum87d ago

More an adventure game than a JRPG tbh

jznrpg87d ago

Second game felt more rpgish but I agree they are more adventure than rpg

Eidolon86d ago

Adventure games are more narrative. Life is Strange, etc... This is Action-Adventure, can even say slightly plaformer, some RPG elements, but of course they will call it JRPG(buzz word) to sell.

DefaultComment87d ago

Gravity rush should be on PC by now. At least that will get tose numbers to raise a little.

DarXyde87d ago

The stupidity of exputer calling Gravity Rush 2 a JRPG aside...If y'all haven't bought the game yet, please do. It's such a great, charming game.

I have been absolutely gutted at the idea that there won't be a Gravity Rush 3, and I genuinely hope people give it a fair shake.

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Even After 7 Years, Gravity Rush 2 Is A Beautiful Game That Deserves PC Exposure

It's been 7 years since the mystifying Gravity Rush 2; if Sony plans to put obscure exclusives on PC, it's the very definition of underrated.

Skuletor113d ago

A Gravity Rush 2 port would be cool but I'm not sure how many people will be interested in buying a sequel to a game they haven't played before, though it worked for The Uncharted Legacy Collection so who knows? A Bloodborne port should definitely happen first though, the fact the game never even got a PS4 Pro patch is suspicious.


Final Fantasy XI Online November Update Goes Live

The latest update for Final Fantasy XI Online, the 'November Update', is now live across all platforms where the game is playable.

Kurisu194d ago

Can't believe this game is still getting updates 21 years after it launched. That's crazy! XI remains the only main numbered FF that I haven't played.

MrNinosan194d ago

At the time, it was an amazing game if you had a good Linkshell and/or friend to play with.
A MMOROG that actually required teamplay to be played.