Nintendo Switch day 1 patch details

Nintendoeverything got in touch with Nintendo for some details. Summary of the Day 1 patch: – update will provide access to network features including the eShop, online gameplay, ability to s…

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2211d ago
mcstorm2211d ago

Bring on Friday I cant wait.

2cents2211d ago

Just got the email from Game, notifying me of despatch preparation.
Going nutz!!! I want Zelda!!!!

mcstorm2211d ago

Not had mine yet got it from Zavvi so expect it to be tomorrow I get mine. I got Zelda with mine and getting bomber man r as a game to play with the other half when we are on the train to London in a few weeks really cant wait to get this console.

subtenko2211d ago

thats when its out? This friday? This is the softest launch Ive ever seen, or just weird at least. I thought it was out today for a second too so I was even more confused.

2211d ago
davand1142211d ago

Yeah all three consoles had some long ass day 1 update times. Luckily the switch updates in the background while you play games.

Thunder_G0d_Bane2211d ago

Cant wait! so my day one games are Zelda, Bomberman R and possibly Snipperclips :)

My order is on its way from the retailer :D W0000

Fishy Fingers2211d ago

I miss the days when I'd get so excited. Happy gaming man, may you never become a grumpy bastard....

ccgr2211d ago

Get Snipperclips, it's a blast!

demonicale2211d ago

I want to know how many puzzle's it has before i look at buying it.

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