Nintendo Switch day 1 patch details

Nintendoeverything got in touch with Nintendo for some details. Summary of the Day 1 patch: – update will provide access to network features including the eShop, online gameplay, ability to s…

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mcstorm2694d ago

Bring on Friday I cant wait.

2cents2694d ago

Just got the email from Game, notifying me of despatch preparation.
Going nutz!!! I want Zelda!!!!

mcstorm2693d ago

Not had mine yet got it from Zavvi so expect it to be tomorrow I get mine. I got Zelda with mine and getting bomber man r as a game to play with the other half when we are on the train to London in a few weeks really cant wait to get this console.

subtenko2694d ago

thats when its out? This friday? This is the softest launch Ive ever seen, or just weird at least. I thought it was out today for a second too so I was even more confused.

2694d ago
davand1142693d ago

Yeah all three consoles had some long ass day 1 update times. Luckily the switch updates in the background while you play games.

Thunder_G0d_Bane2694d ago

Cant wait! so my day one games are Zelda, Bomberman R and possibly Snipperclips :)

My order is on its way from the retailer :D W0000

Fishy Fingers2694d ago

I miss the days when I'd get so excited. Happy gaming man, may you never become a grumpy bastard....

ccgr2694d ago

Get Snipperclips, it's a blast!

demonicale2694d ago

I want to know how many puzzle's it has before i look at buying it.

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Nintendo Switch has been officially released in China

Nintendo Switch after huge success is finally coming to China. This will be a Chinese version of the Nintendo Switch, which is being featured by Chinese Mega Giant Company Tencent and Nintendo. Additionally, it’ll have a price point of 2,099 Yuan ($297), including a free copy of New Super Mario Bros Deluxe. This is the …

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rlow11684d ago

Hey a portable great firewall for the Chinese gamer........those pesky communist....enjoy your switch comrads.

DafunkyRebel1684d ago

A rip off version will come out called Chin Tien Dou

Ninte1684d ago

I'm curious about the eshop because of China strict Internet policy.

TargusX1684d ago

When is Earth Defence Force 5 coming to Switch and Xbox?

AuraAbjure1684d ago

Great I hope they enjoy Super Mario Bros!


Fire Emblem: The Three Houses Review - Analog Stick Gaming

"When Three Houses was announced for the Nintendo Switch, I was more hyped for this than almost any game currently available on the platform. While its story doesn’t quite live up to the previous entries I’ve enjoyed, mostly due to some poorly handled reveals and its failure to offer us up a compelling villain, Three Houses succeeds greatly due to its vast replayability with new game plus, and yet another memorable cast to add to the franchise. " Jeff Young - Analog Stick Gaming

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Save Some Serious Scratch With These Insane PS4, Xbox and Switch Game Deals

The game deals keep on coming in 2019 with awesome savings on PS4, Xbox One and the Switch.

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SheenuTheLegend1981d ago

instead of save, i see spend during the sales.
but great deals overall. bought Spiderman.