Tip: Use a PS3 controller in Windows Vista

When the Playstation 3 first came out, people wondered if it would work on their PC via a USB connection. As it turned out, Vista detected the controller, but button inputs did not work. Some solutions came out, such as the use of libusb, but that never worked with Vista and in fact disabled USB completely.

Now there is a solution to use the PS3 controllers (SixAxis and DualShock 3) in Windows Vista. All it takes is a simple driver found here.

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DavidMacDougall4070d ago

The controller alone would cure all the problems VISTA has as soon as it is plugged in

FantasyStar4070d ago (Edited 4070d ago )

I've been using this driver for quite a while and they're alot more effective than the drivers found at, just know that when you load up these drivers, the USB will no longer charge your SIXAXIS or DS3 controller because the driver emulates a gamepad (obviously). Also, the moment you unplug the controller from the USB, the controller will automatically turn on your PS3 regardless if it's within range(problematic sometimes).

If you want to charge your controllers on the PC again, just follow these steps, make sure your PS3 controller is still plugged in, otherwise you'll have trouble to deal with.

1. Uninstall the Saike SixAxis Drivers from Control Panel > Add/ Remove Programs. It will be called "SixAxis Drivers 0.XX (X is obviously a variable for whatever version you have)

2. Uninstall the USB Drivers; Right-Click "My Computer" > Properties > Click the "Hardware" Tab > Device Manager > USB HiD(Something similar) marked by a yellow question mark: That's your PS3 controller. Right-Click > properties just to make sure. The 'device type' will definitely say "PLAYSTATION 3(R)" -winner!

3. Unplug your PS3 Controller once you're done and replug it in, doesn't matter which USB port.

4. PC should pick up your PS3 Controller and if all's sound (taskbar), the PS3 controller's port-indicator should all light up, signifying your controller is charging.

P.S. - The Saike SixAxis Driver works for both Vista and XP SP2-3. (not 1 unfortunately, but who's using SP1 anyways?)

Marceles4070d ago

Yeah I've been using this myself to play Street Fighter 3: Third Strike on MAME, it works like a dream

shqype4070d ago

Thank you for posting this. I'm using the driver as we speak, and it's great!

Shane Kim4070d ago

It's a very good idea, but Vista would give the controller the incurable disease known as RROD.

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The story is too old to be commented.