Battlefield 1's They Shall Not Pass DLC Hits in March - New Images & Info

It's almost time for EA to drop the latest Battlefield 1 DLC on the world. New images and info available. Typical rules apply, Premium Pass and Deluxe Upgrade people will get 2-week early access. The rest of us schlubs can play the DLC at a later date... I say later because EA has not announced an official release date for the DLC at all.

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docsavage1700d ago (Edited 1700d ago )

I get the making-more-money-for-exclusiv e-content bit but why not release an actual concrete date?

EazyC1700d ago

They're taking their sweet time, aren't they? I like BF 1 but by golly it's a bit light on content. I'm hoping they add customisation or something, they could have fleshed out the content this way, instead of shoehorning in 50 arbitrary class levels.

angelsx1700d ago

I stop playing BF1 two months ago because i get bored.With the new dlc I'm back in the game.Hopefully keep me playing till next DLC.

thorstein1700d ago

I want another town like Amiens and they still haven't fixed the mortar glitch nor the medic glitch. (for those that don't know) the mortar glitch locks a player into mortar mode and doesn't let them back out by pressing a button, instead you are stuck mortaring until you are killed or redeploy.

The medic glitch, when you are revived, sometimes your gun just hangs there and is unusable. You have to switch to your secondary and back in order for your gun to work again.

3-4-51700d ago

* The problem is that my hype for BF1 has died down now and I've moved on to other games. I really like BF1, but I'm not into it at the same level I was when it first released and really haven't played it in almost 2 months.

This should have been released in January.

BlackDoomAx1699d ago

Same for me, but replayed it, and re-enjoyed it :)

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