Pure - Msxbox-World review

Msxbox-World writes: "Pure is sheer unadulterated fun. The game offers breathtaking graphics and addictive gameplay, combined with a decent set of single and multiplayer modes. The game is probably one of the best arcade/extreme sports style racers to hit the Xbox 360 this generation, and is in my opinion a game that must be played."

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BLUR1114075d ago

This game is sweet . I think it's better than motorstorm or any other atv game.

Montrealien4075d ago

I own Motorstorm and have the Motorstorm 2 demo and I must say, I really enjoy the Motorstorm games. With that said, Pure is an amazing ATV game and the spiritual successor to ATV off road fury 3-4 which where great games in their own right. It should not be missed for anyone that enjoys a good arcade style racer with stunts. It's Basically SSX on four wheels, and that can't be bad. I will fully enjoy this game till Motorstorm 2 comes out, and probably for months after.

yanikins1114075d ago

Yeah. Right.

After playing the demo, i cant help but wonder if the fact its a multiplat is helping its review scores. I found the demo gameplay redundant, boring, obsolete, cliche and lame. Super lame. It has no awesome. OK sure, you can jump really high, and do badly mo-capped (if they are mo-capped at all) tricks, but seriously, who didnt get bored of that within 2 laps?

I'll wait till MS2 hits thanks. What does motorstorm have that this doesnt? SPEED + MASS = CARNAGE

Montrealien4074d ago

so you don't like the game I presume? And must defend MS2 while your at it? why?

Some people are liking this game, nothing wrong with that.