Top Ten Star Wars Games

From Digital Spy: "To celebrate LucasArts' showing gamers the true power of the dark side with new release Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, we take a look back at some of the saga's greatest game tie-ins to date."

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Blip Blip5551d ago

Knights of the Old Republic
Tie Fighter
Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga

iceman28855550d ago

It's a sin that this list doesn't have X-Wing or Tie Fighter on it.

I'd also argue that the list should include Shadows of the Empire for the N64, perhaps by favorite Star Wars game after Tie Fighter and Jedi Knight...

UnSelf5550d ago

5. Rogue Squandron
4. FOrce Unleashed
2. Super Empire strikes back
1. Battle front 2

antoinetm5550d ago

Shadows of the Empire for the N64

definitely in the top 3

(didnt like KOTOR.. combat system didnt suit me)

didnt play jedi outcast :(

Wenis5550d ago

This list fails. Like wtf, Lego star wars the original trilogy instead of the complete Saga? dumb

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staub915550d ago

Battle Front 1 & 2 are definetly my favorite.

Xelai5550d ago

As said missing the X Wing and Tie Fighter games, those with KotOR and Battlefront ones are the best.

Charlie26885550d ago

mmm were is TIE Fighter? >.>

Glad to see The Jedi Knight series in there special my favorite Jedi Outcast :D

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Not exactly my cuppa, but there's a Yorkshire Tea controller now

The collaboration you’ve all been waiting for is here – Yorkshire Tea and your favorite console’s controller.

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Snookies122d ago

Those are um... They're certainly something!

Inverno2d ago

The Xbox controller looks better, logo is less intrusive.