Middle Earth: Shadow of War Leaked

"Well it looks like the rumored sequel to Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor has been leaked early by Target. An image and description showed up on the site’s page today which you can see below."

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BlakHavoc2220d ago

Oh hell yes!! One of my favorite games this gen so far, I want to see how they expand on the nemesis system.

MVGeneral2220d ago

Awesome. Shadow of mordor was a very fun game to play.

nX2219d ago

Surprisingly good actually. Can't wait for the sequel, day1 for me.

BlakHavoc2220d ago

I'm pretty sure it came out for PS4

robtion2220d ago (Edited 2220d ago )

Wrong. There was an inferior last gen port with a neutered nemesis system but the main game and development team worked on the PS4/XB1.

Palitera2220d ago (Edited 2220d ago )

No, it was ported to the last gen without all the features. It is not even cross gen, since old consoles couldn't even run it with all its features.

foxdie2k152220d ago

It is current gen i have it for ps4

XanderZane2220d ago

Came out for PS4 and XB1. Was a great game to play. The controls were really nice. I still need to finish it.

Imalwaysright2219d ago

To me its the only game that can truly be qualified as next gen in this entire generation.

BlackTar1872219d ago


I'm begging you to elaborate on your comment.

Imalwaysright2219d ago

@ Blacktar

It's the only game that did something revolutionary that we had not seen before and wasn't possible to achieve on last gen consoles: nemesis system. All the other games that I played this gen could be made on last gen consoles if the graphical fidelity was toned down. In short I've been playing last gen games with better graphical fidelity.

I started gaming in the SNES/Megadrive era and I've experienced true revolutions in each generation until this one that changed how we play our games. I don't consider better graphical fidelity to be a next gen experience because it's the obvious thing you'll get due to better hardware.

I also don't consider fish AI, chest hair and ants running around as something that qualifies as a next gen experience. Those are the kind of details that do nothing where to me where it truly matters: gameplay mechanics or how we play our games.

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destroyerz12220d ago

I enjoyed the gameplay in the first one, but for me the story, characters and "final boss" is very very mediocre. I hope this sequence brings several improvements in this sense.

_-EDMIX-_2220d ago

I actually agree I never really cared for those overly wannabe political type games.

I never really even cared for what was going on with the whole War stuff I think the gameplay in the combat was just so amazing I did like the cutscenes and I like how the narrative was told I just didn't really care for the specifics.

The combat and the gameplay was just absolutely amazing in that game and I just want more of that

BlakHavoc2220d ago

Ya the gameplay was superb. Story was lacking for sure. Hopefully they've added more rpg elements and created a much better story.

UnHoly_One2219d ago

I thought the story was excellent, and I loved the characters.

The guy who voiced the main character and the wraith both did a spectacular job.

One of my favorite games this gen for sure.

FalloutWanderer20772219d ago

@UnHoly_One - The entire cast was great and full of high profile voice actors. Troy Baker as Talion and Nolan North as The Black Hand of Sauron. Jennifer Hale, John DiMaggio, Laura Bailey, Alastair Duncan, Brian Bloom (Voiced B.J. Blakowitz in Wolfenstein TNO/TOB) Let's hope the sequel is great as well.

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joab7772220d ago

That's the key! I hope it has evolved quite a bit. Also, I hope more customization etc. has been added. Open world games have had the bar raised quite a bit so we will see.

Maxor2220d ago

The Nemesis system was simply brilliant and to this day, still unmatched. Considering how quickly gameplay concepts are copied from game to game I'm amazed that nobody managed to replicate this in their title.

I cant' wait to see what they'll do next.

Vegamyster2220d ago

Great game but i hope they make the main mission areas/objectives more interesting, that was my only big gripe with the game.

oof462219d ago

Fighting one captain and then having 2 or 3 more join the battle was always nail biting.

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KingKionic 2220d ago

Wow this came outta nowhere. Shadow of Mordor was a great surprise when it come out. I wasnt even in to lord of the rings and it was very enjoyable. I hate that we didnt get a surprise reveal but im hyped now.

zivtheawesome2220d ago

notvreally a surprise, WB teased a new game for a month now, BTW by the new leak it'll come this june.

KingKionic 2220d ago

Oh i haven't been keeping up with WB teases. This year is looking pretty stellar. Summer release i can dig it.

BlakHavoc2220d ago

That would be awesome, I'd literally have an awesome game to play for the first 6 months of the year. That's insane!

Lilrizky2220d ago

June? doesn't the listing say August?

2220d ago
Summons752220d ago

Awesome, hope they pull back on the open world more and concentrate on the story. The nemesis system was amazing but the story disappeared in how big the world was and by the time you took out all the grunts they were replaced so rising up the ranks took forever. Keep it open world but don't forget about the story, that is what LOTR was created for. Still excited to see what they do with this. Hopefully, something completely new after LOTR or have the story take place during The Hobbit era or even before like the original War over the Ring.

CorndogBurglar2220d ago

Well from the picture it looks like the same character and he's still binded to the ghost of the guy that created the rings. So I'm pretty sure it will be a continuation of the last game...

rigo85822220d ago

Oh hell yeah that is a day one buy for me. Shadow of Mordor was hands down my favorite game of 2014.