Breath Of The Wild is the most alive Zelda has felt in 30 years | AVclub

AVclub: "The first hours of Breath Of The Wild feel like a direct rebuke of one of the biggest issues plaguing many of the latest Zelda games: their interminable, brain-dead openings. Like Skyward Sword or Twilight Princess, Nintendo’s latest fantasy adventure spends its early goings teaching players how it works and what they’re in for, but while those past introductions held your hand and dragged you along at a snail’s pace, Breath Of The Wild offers only the most perfunctory of guidance. A mysterious old man provides some basic tutorial information and your objectives, while a disembodied voice helpfully marks your first destination on a map. Other than that, it’s just Link and Hyrule, a land that hasn’t felt this alive and dangerous in more than 30 years."

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Wallstreet371669d ago

Ohhhhhhh friday night im going to be making love to Zelda switch all night (Sorry PS4pro, PSVR, Nioh and Horizon you have to share!:)

Man this sounds like its going to be fun and give me the feelings i use to get plsying 8bit zelda and discovering new things. Thevsame feelings Bloodborne ans Darl souls have given me thos gen and Tlou :)

wonderfulmonkeyman1669d ago (Edited 1669d ago )

LOL, planning an orgy, are ya?XD

Wallstreet371669d ago

Lol haha hey Zelda sounds awesome so it has to get a piece of the action.

EddieNX 1669d ago

Same, im probably gunna do my Switch on the bus on the way home from picking it up. Man has sex with game console on bus, can see the headlines now!

Wallstreet371669d ago

Switch replaces my vita that i loved. I take train into manhattan every work day for over an hour so itll get plenty of time in.

EddieNX 1669d ago

Yh youl be the envy of the train! It sunk in before like the 2 joycon, 1 console thing would make train journeys an absolute pleasure! The switch is incredible, everyone who sees people doing multiplayer on the train is gunna be jealous AF!

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Einhander19711669d ago

Will be playing zelda Friday also, it's going to be a longggg week!!! Lol

feraldrgn1669d ago

So this is a special game, when compared to other Zelda games.
I still love the 2D games though & hope they have some ideas in the works for that type of gameplay.

Gemmol1669d ago

an article a week or two ago said the team that works on 2d zelda already working on ideas for the switch

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