Next gen superiority in question

MSXBox writes: "Remember a few years ago, when all the hype started about the 'next gen' consoles, and the 'next gen' era? There was a lot of talk about bringing you a console that will "deliver" and that was "capable", there was also a lot of talk from spokesman bringing games which are like "nothing you have ever see seen" and they will have "awe inspiring graphics", okay, a little bit over exaggerated and not quoted word from word, but that was the general idea and their definition of 'next generation' gaming. Now we're here, in the seventh generation, that 'next gen'... it's now today's gen and have we been brought everything which was promised? Well, a question like that can't really be answered in a sentence, but as a start I think we can look at 'what' was promised."

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name4078d ago

Metal Gear Solid 4, Uncharted, Gears of War Killzone 2, Heavy Rain, Ratchet and Clank, Call of Duty 4, Little Big Planet, Resistance 2

These games(although some are unreleased) in my opinon have expanded on what next gen gaming was supposed to bring. They're actually imrpoving on things instead of just saying "heres what we had last gen, but with pretty graphics". They're bringing something new, whether it's gears of war being the first next gen looking game, or MGS4 being the best game ever(my opinion obviously). This gen has already drawrfed last gen imo.

One game that really should get recognition is ratchet and clank future. During PS2's launch sony said the PS2 would achieve pixar "toy story" graphics for a game, but they finally achieved that with ratchet. There's a lot of overhyped garbage this gen, but there's also plenty of gems. You can't pretend as if every game last gen was pure gold. And besides for us Sony and Nintendo people, this gen just started and a lot of our big guns haven't came out yet. We just have been getting introduced to new guns.

Speaking of new guns, props to the 360 for owning last year with mostly new IP's

La Chance4078d ago

but you forgot a couple of games on your list.

Anyway I think MSFT , Nintendo and Sony have to move in another direction for the next generation of consoles , I would like them to improve maybe on the immersion in games.Things like virtual helmet or whatever its called have so much potential , it would be really cool if we could actually "live" the game rather than playing it.

Kratos Spartan4078d ago

Play in your world, Live in ours?

Cajun Chicken4078d ago

The Ratchet and Clank Future mention is well deserved for Insomniac. I´m glad you mentioned that, not enough people are seeing the jump in cartoon mascot platform games. I just wish there was more, thats one of the things, in my opinion is missing.
Just look back past gen, but I guess its coming soon and all will be okay, because it took a while for platform games to arrive next gen.
After Uncharted, I seriously want to see Naughty Dog tackle a new Jak and Daxter.
Crackdown is missed out on your list. If jumping from skyscraper to skyscraper isn´t next gen, I don´t know what is to people these days.

Rute4078d ago (Edited 4078d ago )

name said the following: "They're actually imrpoving on things instead of just saying "heres what we had last gen, but with pretty graphics". They're bringing something new, whether it's gears of war being the first next gen looking game..."

To quote your first sentence, isn't Gears of War pretty much just "last gen, but with pretty graphics"? I'd rather play a great looking game instead of an ugly game if the content is the same, but the obsession over graphics is becoming very worrying. NOW let me explain before you push the minus bubble button.

With PS3 and Xbox 360 the trend seems to be that a game has to surpass or at least equal previous games graphically in order to be a major hit. Better graphics cost more money. The problem is that the hardcore community which plays these great looking games isn't expanding as fast as the rising costs would demand. This leads to a situation where the companies make less and less profit and that fact in turn means it's very dangerous to make a game that flops commercially. A couple of years from now every "hardcore" game has to be a hit in order to make up for the development costs.

Usually it's experimentation that leads to a flop, so no experimentation allowed, if the company wants to stay alive. Nowadays it's pretty ordinary to have a game studio where two employees are in charge of the content and a hundred employees in charge of the graphics. Next gen it's two writers and two hundred graphical artists. Eventually it becomes impossible to make better looking games AND produce profit. Most companies will crash and burn.

There are two ways to avoid a new video game crash:
1) less attention to graphics, more attention to innovation
2) expand the gaming community

There's one company which does both. I'm not saying everyone should start making bad looking games, I would just like to see innovation as the number one priority.

JsonHenry4078d ago

I think that for no more than what is in the consoles they are doing a good job of pulling of special effects and what not. I am REALLY happy with XboxLive (even though it is not free) and I am happy with the PS3s other abilities aside from gaming. (Blu-Ray FTW!!)

Overall I like the new systems even though they are really showing their age when compared to PC games that have come out in the past year or so. As I said, for no more than what is in the consoles they are pulling off some stunning games.

Real Gambler4078d ago (Edited 4078d ago )

"Overall I like the new systems even though they are really showing their age when compared to PC games that have come out in the past year or so. "

The new consoles showing their ages???? They just came out, and as far as I know, they still do the job they were designed for! Not more, not less.

Let see:
HD resolution 1920X1080: check
Superior sound quality: check
Hard drives for patch and downloads: check

If they are showing their ages, what would you replace them with?

Higher resolution? 1920X1080 is the standard for quite a few years to come, anything above would be overkill.
Superior sound? I guess so, 6 speakers may not be enough already I guess.
Bigger hard drives? One console is easily upgradable, and I'm sure bigger drives will be available for the other one pretty soon.

Now let see the PC side:
Games running at 1920X1080? Yes, but how many pc owners run them at that resolution? 10%? Shoot, there's still about 40% of the people who run their games at 1024X768
Awesome sound? Yes, some PC have fantastic sound cards, but most of them are connected to two speakers or a pair of headphones.
Hard Drives: Same as consoles, easily upgradable.

To me, consoles are not about to be seriously outdated. (Well, maybe the dvd on the 360 is, since PC games are coming on more than one dvd and already taking serious room on the PC's hd, but consoles can barely be any better.

So is the current next gen great? YES. I'm sure the next gen will blow our minds too, but trust me, the current gen is doing very well as it is, and for quite a few more years to come. Next gen will likely only offer more fancy peripherals. Currently, there's way over 25 millions consoles that are doing what they were designed to do. I don't think you will find 25 millions gamer PCs, that are running the current games you're talking about at higher resolutions than consoles...

Close_Second4078d ago

Wow, are you suggesting that all console owners have True HD TVs and
6 Speaker True Dolby HD compatible sound systems?

There is a reason they say as soon as you buy a PC its out of date - the PC continues to evolve and not stand still for 5-10 years. Look at what the top specs for a PC were back in 2000 when the PS2 was released and now look at them. High-end PC specs are already eclipsing 360/PS3 specs.

However, I don't buy into PC gaming anymore because of the higher (hardware) cost when compared to console gaming. Mind you, when was the last time you saw a game come out on PC that was more expensive that its console counterpart.

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Dark SeRaNADE4078d ago

Bubbles for the Non Fanboy comments.

I agree, this gen has become quite a fragfest between next gen games,

I'm quite interested as to what MS will do after this year, Sony have Killzone 2 Lined up and we all know that is going to Have INCREDIBLE marketing, if not, it should. Even a trailer or so on TV at times would be effective.

Nintendo Have the Conduit and MAd world, and plenty of other games including the "new DS"

Im sure however that MS will have something else, this isint the last of them, we thought that last year.

PirateThom4078d ago

I think this gen has been disappointing compared to previous gens because of the amount of cookie cutter games that came out early on (which I entirely blame Epic and Unreal Engine 3 on), but there's also been a lot of movement towards genres I honestly adore.

Action adventure, third person shooters, platformers.

However, I have found myself having more fun with "lower rated" games. I enjoyed Uncharted more than Gears of War. I enjoyed Mercs 2 more than GTAIV. I thought Mass Effect should have been scored a lot higher. I think people have become too obsessed with "AAA" that they've missed a lot of really awesome games. I think there's some people out there who take too much joy in games "flopping" rather than enjoying games that may have been unfairly reviewed.

The end of this year has a lot of stuff coming, which has made my wallet take a real hit (so much, I had to make a few pre-order cancellations), but that's a good sign of a lot of games that do hold my interest.

La Chance4078d ago

"I think people have become too obsessed with "AAA" that they've missed a lot of really awesome games. I think there's some people out there who take too much joy in games "flopping" rather than enjoying games that may have been unfairly reviewed."

I think that pretty much only concens N4G and co

TheColbertinator4078d ago

Very true words,La Chance.You are a real gamer

GlossGreen4078d ago

will not be defined by the first couple generations of games on each system. Let's wait and see what these consoles can do 4 or 5 years down the road. The PS2 came out with some of it's best looking games after year 5. As developers get more familiar with the hardware expect some amazing things.

LethalToxins4078d ago (Edited 4078d ago )

I agree. Even with 360 as well, albeit to a lesser degree, I think some of the immersion quality has been lost in the games because devs have had to put more focus into learning to write on the consoles. Code writing it a lot more arduous a task than it once was.

Edit: At NoFans... I did some really low level Java programming in college and I'll be the first to say, it was just not my thing. Deriving algorithms comprised of multiple methods is definitely something that either clicks or it doesn't...for me it didn't and the class was a complete pain to pass. Good luck to ou in the field! :D I know I couldn't do it. I'll stick with engineering.

No FanS Land4078d ago (Edited 4078d ago )

I'm studying in college to learn C++ then I'll attend university to get a bacc (in english it's the first class degree Ithink you call but I'm not sure). Afterwards I'll take a year of Ubisoft-specialised school to get in the Videogame industry. Even HTML is hard at times! but I won't let myself get beaten like valve who won't even try to learn the cell architecture. (to view the HTML code of a page, right click and check source code)

EDIT: Thanks.

No FanS Land4078d ago

the on thing I hate mostly with this gen is the lack of diversity. Too many shooters IMO in quite a short time. I would like to play an adventure game filled with headbanging puzzles and riddles but I don't want to always have to wait for the next zelda. I got through the legacy of kain series, sands of time trilogy. sadly the adventure game genre is becoming rare and I partially blame online gaming for that. what works best online?, shooters. But the real blame is towards developpers who only want market share in an already overfilled gaming genre.

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