In Case You Missed It - Alice: The Madness Returns

Player 2 tumbles down the rabbit hole once again with Alice: The Madness Returns.

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Kribwalker842d ago

This was a great game when it came out

starchild842d ago

Yeah, I really enjoyed it.

IamTylerDurden1842d ago

I thoroughly enjoyed it, but i actually preferred American Mcgee's Alice. AMA was just darker and creepier.

Kribwalker842d ago

It came with the original as well, at least on the Xbox version. It was cool also

ZaWarudo842d ago (Edited 842d ago )

I think this game is the most underrated game of the last generation imo. Such a gem.

Phill-Spencer842d ago

Agreed! It really didn't get the attention it deserved.

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level 360842d ago

Pure psychedelia, love the game.

Footyspacecadet842d ago

Adore this game, just trippy and cool all round

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