Chrono Trigger DS receives Monster Battling addition

A new addition to the DS release of Chrono Trigger is Monster Battling, which lets players breed and fight monsters.

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TruthbeTold4078d ago

It's extremely awesome. I also hope that it is only one of many more additions to be announced.

DarkBlood4077d ago

i ask for final fantasy 4 and this for christmas and other games for my other systems lol

TheColbertinator4077d ago

Hopefully its an upgraded remake and not just a rehash of the SNES game while charging 30 bucks.If this game suceeds,we might see the continuation of the Chrono series

Baka-akaB4077d ago

but it is that kind of shameless remake , dont fool yourself .... with what a new dungeon and a monster mode ...

It's a great game for those that didnt get to discover it yet (and that would be entirely your fault with the countless emulations progs on pc , snes and psx emu on psp , the original game on psx ....) but screw that version of it .

blueleopard4077d ago

I actually find that pretty stupid.

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