Ubisoft Hires Telltale Games Veterans to Expand Their Creative Pool

Minecraft: Story Mode meets South Park.

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spaceb0y1258d ago

Good news, all the best Ubisoft

1257d ago
ClayRules20121258d ago

Wow, this is a good first start. It could really allow them to pull off some really well told storytelling, along with likeable/loveanle characters.

Next step, Ubisoft. Stop misleading gamers with those "Visually" Jaw dropping gameplay demonstrations at E3, mixed with those rehearsed chat conversations, of supposed friends gaming together.

Best of luck, Ubisoft!

greysun1231258d ago

These guys will surely make Ubisofts games a little better

OpinionSmasher1257d ago

leave it to ubisoft to fuck up their skills

Dan_scruggs1257d ago

Ubisoft Hires Telltale Games Veterans to Help Them Write Less Crappy Stories


rezzah1257d ago

Anything to stop Vivendi from taking over, which I agree with.

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