Famitsu Monster Hunter 3 Interview Translated

This interview is huge. It also contains info on some of the newer monsters. Thanks to Ben Wood at army of puppets for all of his hard work.

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chanmasta4069d ago

... pretty good! This game is growing on me.

Not literally.

kesvalk4069d ago

i don't think changing the controls will please the fans

TruthbeTold4069d ago (Edited 4069d ago )

...people who are going to play a Wii game need to just deal with the fact that the Wii remote is a different interface. Only the games with broken controls or mindless and constant waggle are weak. Most motion controls tend to enhance the gaming experience. Conform, or move on. That's the choice. The thing is, next time around, and even this time around to some extent, both MS and Sony are conforming to some extent on their own consoles. It is what it is.

TheColbertinator4069d ago

This game will be hard to beat.It has the Capcom trademark of difficulty all over it