The Top 7 Female Dualities

A character duality is when two characters share similar features; be it in physical resemblance, personal attributes, or even story purposes. The term can sometimes apply when two characters are on opposite sides of a cast - one is a villain, the other a hero, but they are both so closely interconnected and have more in common than the game will at first reveal.

This kind of dual-relationship lends itself extremely well in the character development of both, and is often a common theme in many RPGs. In the following list, Casualty Gamer will count down my Top 7 female character dualities.

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SuicidalTendencies4071d ago

7? They couldn't think of 3 more characters for their article? I can think of one they missed right off the top of my head. The two chicks from Grandia 2.

Marceles4071d ago

Juni and Juli from Street Fighter Alpha 3 also

zenintude4071d ago

SuicidalTendencies -> I immediately thought of Grandia 2 as well. Clearly, it's not a "Top" anything, it's just 7 pairs of female characters that the author could think of.

Completely garbage article.