No objective to push digital games over physical: Sony executive

“There's no company objective from our side to steer in one or another direction [between digital and physical games]. Both options are available to the consumer and then in the end its the consumer choice on what to do,” says Robert Fisser, Vice President and General Manager Middle East, Africa, Turkey, and India at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE).

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FallenAngel1984654d ago

Of course not. Sony wouldn't want to upset the brick and mortar retail stores that sell their hardware in the first place but undercutting physical games with cheaper prices for digital equivalents day one

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Gecksta652d ago

Digital on day one is never cheaper. I can buy retail play it and trade it in for the next game. I can buy a game a month after release preowned and digital is still full price months after release. I bought mafia 3 played it for a day , went back to ea and got a full refund to swap for something else.

milohighclub651d ago

lol digital is more than full price most of the time can get new games about £45 retail, digital its 49.99 minimum for at least 6 month. hell longer sometimes, there's games you can get retail (pre owned) for £10 that are still £40 on psn.

rainslacker652d ago

I think that they'd have to worry more about upsetting their customers if they went this route than the brick and morter stores. There are plenty of places that would sell it without the software benefit, ,although Sony would have to allot for a much higher proft margin for them.

But most likely wouldn't carry it, because cutting out physical means that it would greatly reduce potential customers. Digital purchases still only make up around 25% of games sales.

italiangamer653d ago

Keep doing it this way Sony, I love my boxed games. I own several digital PS4 titles and its like not having them because they are just some random data in my hard-drive and not a physical Blu-Ray.

ninsigma652d ago

I buy all the big games I'm really excited for physically. My digital games are generally the ones I've bout on sale. It's definitely not the same as having a physical collection. In the future I'd like to browse through my PS 4 library and reminisce about the good time I had either those games while holding the boxes in my hand. Same has how people would do that with their pre gen 8 games!

milohighclub651d ago

digital all the way. theres something about been able to remote play my entire library from anywhere in the world that excites me. I bought a couple of games physical lately and its just a pain having to change disk all the time. I guess I've got lazy in my old age but after 28 years of changing cartridges/discs it's nice not to have to anymore :) also it means I never trade games in anymore which for me is the main reason I go didgital, I got into a crap habit of buying a game playing it for a couple of hours then wanting to move on to something else so i'd just trade it in. the thing is there would always be a time when I would wanna play a game again n then I have to go buy it again. not anymore!

Nyxus653d ago

Good, I hope it remains that way, also for the upcoming consoles.

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WePlayDirty652d ago

Sony is smart enough not to push digital games over physical.

UCForce652d ago

It is good thing that Digital and Physical must be co exist and balance.

SaveFerris652d ago

I prefer physical disks over digital, but it sucks that digital prices are the same or much higher for the same titles.

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The story is too old to be commented.