“Door certainly not closed” for Mass Effect Andromeda on Nintendo Switch

BioWare has revealed that the Nintendo Switch remains a console of interest and that a good launch could see a port of Mass Effect Andromeda to the system.

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SlappingOysters2563d ago

It's interesting to know that they think it could run on the Switch. But the DLC alone will probably fill your 32GB of storage.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory2563d ago (Edited 2563d ago )

physical games don't install
and have you ever heard of external storage. Micro SD Card support for Switch

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory2563d ago

"have you ever heard of external storage. Micro SD Card support for Switch"
Do you not read?

conanlifts2563d ago

By the time it releases switch should support external hdd. For portable mode you just transfer from hdd to micro sd.

light692563d ago

You're saying that like you haven't seen articles/news/advertising/conf irmation by Nintendo that the switch supports sdxc cards.... good job dude you're the ignorant part of the Internet.

WPX2563d ago

That's what my $40 128GB Samsung Evo SD card comes in. In any case, it should be no issue considering that SD cards keep dropping in price. By the time this game comes out for Switch, IF it comes out, the SD card prices may have dropped even more.

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wonderfulmonkeyman2563d ago (Edited 2563d ago )

That would be nice, though it'd be easier to have said good launch if third parties would give consumers a reason to come to Switch, I.E., their games, instead of waiting for consumers before bringing said games at all.

SlappingOysters2563d ago

Totally agree. Just Dance and Skylanders as the only real third party AAA for launch and they are ancient games. Thirds not backing in the Switch at all.

wonderfulmonkeyman2563d ago

There are some that are, but they're the Japanese devs with great RPG's mostly, and indies.
It's mostly the minority of AAA Western devs that aren't pulling much weight on the Switch.

light692563d ago

That's the problem dude, it's a paradox with this. Deba will only support the console with games if the people buy the consolé and it proves popular. People don't want to buy the console because they want 3rd party games but devs don't support with their games because people don't support the console. Lol it's a cycle, hopefully and by the looks of it, this cycle will be broken because people seem more interested, and because of the easier porting that devs have been mentioning, we will have games (even if not AAAs at the start) to play from 3rd parties which will prompt people to buy it. Plus the added feature that it's portable and it has Nintendo classic adds to that. So hopefully we will see a change, I'm optimistic.

EddieNX 2563d ago

Pretty much anything the xb1 can run so can the Switch. If the games have to be scaled down a bit to work as a portable game then that's not really surprising.

SlappingOysters2563d ago

if that is true then I with the XBO used cartridges and stopped making me load everything onto the HD

PhoenixUp2563d ago

Too bad EA already said that FIFA is the only game that they're looking to put on Switch in the near future.

conanlifts2563d ago

That wasnt actually what they said.

We’re supporting the platform,” Patrick Soderlund, executive vice president of EA, said, via IGN. “We are not announcing anything (else) yet, but you can expect us to be there once the platform launches and takes off.”

C_Ali882563d ago

WRONG!!!!! lol Revisionist history prominently on display here!!! Only on N4G!!!!!

light692563d ago

sd11 is actually correct they said so far FIFA is the only game announced and they can't confirm any other titles. They did mention they are supporting it and will further support it with AAAs if they switch does well on release and the most after. So it all comes down to people supporting the console, which seems to be decent. People still come in to gamestop asking about it, for pre orders, if we'll have extras which Gamestop has confirmed that they will.

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