Classic.Ars: An Introduction to 64-bit Computing and x86-64

Ars explains the theory and praxis of 64 bit computing: When I first heard that AMD had plans to extend the x86 ISA to 64 bits, I thought it was a terrible idea. Though x86 is the world's most successful ISA, it's also the world's most widely disparaged. Programmers, analysts, architecture buffs, and enthusiasts often see x86 as a leaden albatross around the neck of the entire computing industry, and like the Mariner's albatross we were all hoping it would just fall off at some point and slip quietly into the deep. But in spite of such hopes, I really knew better. In fact, I've argued elsewhere that x86 isn't going away anytime soon, and it no longer makes any real sense to gripe about its quirks from a performance perspective. I won't recap that argument here, but I can sum it up briefly.

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cahill4070d ago

ps4 and x720 will incorporate it no doubt

cahill4070d ago

will happen in future

JOLLY14070d ago

I am doing it now...Sad you live in the past.

ChickeyCantor4070d ago

N64 =D!
...but yes thats a console.

an_idiot4070d ago

This is very very old. x86-64 has been around for ages. Also if you look at the last page:

Revision History
Date Version Changes
3/11/2002 1.0 Release
3/13/2002 1.1 Corrected some typos, and tweaked a bit here and there to make some points clearer and ward off any confusion.

It was dated 2002.

Though I must say it was an informative read, just a bit outdated.

LinuxGuru4070d ago

Great read, but the article's 6 years old.


LightofDarkness4069d ago

Almost every game (PC) nowadays has 64-bit optimizations. Plus this article's ancient, it was referencing AMD's Hammer and Opteron architectures, the first of the AMD64 line. 64-bit only helps gaming really in that it allows for larger memory addressing capabilities, meaning up to 1024GB of RAM is supported (1TB).

LinuxGuru4069d ago

It'll be a long damned time before you see that kind of memory being addressed by any game.